AU _-jack_-
63 Posts
4.7 years ago
will their be a ladder for tf2?
1,823 Posts
4.7 years ago
probs not.
getting so much dolla this season, i will enjoy taking your money jake. ded nd owned (c) dardar
AU HeIios
29 Posts
4.7 years ago
AU RedBeard.
2,274 Posts
4.7 years ago
I'm back...
AU enzoe!
Content Team
4,034 Posts
4.7 years ago
I remember there being a TF2 ladder not that long ago and it hardly had any teams on it. If you are looking for ladders some body else said it.
AU cyka blyat
1,367 Posts
4.7 years ago
Quote from RedBull! on the 7th of August 2011:

"if in doubt... flat out" ~ Colin McRae 1968 - 2007 |

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