AU memi
6,290 Posts
5.7 years ago
number one is good. cheers mate.
Best Snowboarder on CG.
AU Gaven
1,297 Posts
5.7 years ago
they are mad dude keep em coming
AU TeKKno.
790 Posts
5.7 years ago
There very sick man 1-2 are awesomee very well done
AU Barnzy
2,998 Posts
5.7 years ago
Quote from MAXxX. on the 20th of November 2010:
I think its just random, and I dont think I did the render justice.
Hopefully someone here will use it to its full potential-
SPOILER: Click to view

Its a character from bleach.
Out to research why a mozzie can fly but a fly cant mozzie.
AU x Magnum
1,442 Posts
5.7 years ago
Yeah nice work mate they look xixk. 3 is my favourite, but im using 5 for the same reason as you it suits my desktop.
AU Ellz Rab x
2,436 Posts
5.7 years ago
i like no.5 thanks dude
AU Vas
805 Posts
5.7 years ago
nice work mate
AU Zantonite
550 Posts
5.7 years ago
Another Free Wallpaper made in like 30-
SPOILER: Click to view

Edit- Will be changing colour schemes of this one soon
AU Tempa T
2,641 Posts
5.7 years ago
I reckon a blue one of them would go down a treat, just as long as you get rid of the man with the muscles. :]

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