6 years ago
yeah its headed in the wrong direction, wherd the original lore team go?
not that the storyline was a bad experience, far from it, but the story itself seems to have been oversimplified from the originals complex twisting one
AU maverck
15 Posts
6 years ago
same thing basically with the starcraft team
most developers dont like working under hulking corporations.
AU skipgamer
12 Posts
6 years ago
Well as far as creative direction goes from what I can find out, Starcraft was lead by Chris Metzen and James Phinney. James Phinney has since left when the ArenaNet guys broke off from Blizzard...

Chris Metzen is of course still at Blizzard, but who knows how Phinney's absence, or Chris Metzen's distraction with the Warcraft universe has affected the game.

That being said, I prefer the current story-line personally. There is more time spent on character development, rather than pushing the story by at a ridiculous rate. I actually feel like I'm playing through a deep story, rather than playing a game that has a story there if I want to pay attention to it.

In all honesty when I played through the single player of sc and bw all those years ago, I didn't really care for much of it (except for Tassadar, he was boss). Especially the stuff with Kerrigan in BW, it annoyed me how much everyone trusted her even though it was obvious she was gonna stab them all in the back.

Basically, rose tinted glasses, it wasn't that good.
AU smutzy
1,800 Posts
6 years ago
Finished the story today, i was pretty happy with it, and i totally agree with it actually getting better at character development. it has actually done sensationally well for a game and there were actually moments where you get to connect to with the main characters.

That being said everything was epic except for the ending, i like how raynor and kerrigan are pictured walking off into the sun together, but it needed one last thing to tell you the direction in which the story was headed, ie something to do you the Xel Naga, protoss or Valerian or even duran coming back into the picture.

I dont know why, but for me i found the way the story developed and played out very similar to mass effect. Probs get raged here but for some reason i just did. Guess maybe its the whole looming threat that no one is really sure about.

Gonna be honest though. Getting to play as Kerrigan again.... gonna need tissues handy
Spachala, aus cods mr hot chocolate
AU kritikal'
9,994 Posts
6 years ago
Actually i agree smutzy, got that mass effect vibe from the whole Xel Naga thing. Starcraft has great background development but most of it isn't in the game enough. Story wasn't all that well presented imo either, didn't get into it. CGI stuff is great but that ending was really kind of anti climax for me, TBC or not that scene where there walking out with the amazing shot of the sky is great and all i just wish there was a bit more before it. Left me feeling like i hadn't finished at all.
4,348 Posts
6 years ago
Yeah the whole thing with the Xel Naga/hybrids reminded me of Mass Effect 2's The Reapers, and how they use the zerg is like how the reapers used the collectors.

I immediately picked up that similarity as well, because I was playing some mass effect 2 before I did the single player.
AU Rovah
495 Posts
6 years ago
The reason Kerrigan still has the Zerg hair is because she is only partly "de-infested". Blizzard released a statement (I can't be fucked finding it, someone else can) about the expansion (Heart of the Swarm, which will be released in ~18months time) saying it will revolve around Kerrigan using mutation to gain control over the Zerg in order to create the "Zerg Empire". This leads to the assumption that while she is undoubtedly more human than Zerg now, she probably still possess some power to keep control over the Zerg.
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