AU Diragz
3,781 Posts
6.1 years ago
From what i've gathered this is a glitch.. just wondering what you guys think, if its just me or..

- Basicly the darkshrine is appears as invis in fog of war... watch my observer <--- Replay

I send an observer to his base to scout it out completely, i dont acutally look what my observer is scouting till he he hovers over the main part of the base because i was doing epic m1cr0z with my stalker harras... funnily enough in the fog of war all i could see was 2 pylons at his rear so i had a good feeling a Darkshrine would be there soon, i knew i had some time to build up an army before worrying.
so i built a forge but before i knew it was overwhelmed by DT's... Now i know it was epic noob by me, i could have easily stopped it but the point was if i spotted the building in the fog i would have reacted faster.. u can actually see the buildings dot in the minimap but i had more important things on my mind to notice that.

and yes i fucking raged
AU ftrunkz
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6.1 years ago
wow... didn't watch the rep but what u describe is pretty fkn odd...

there's also a glitch atm where burrowed roaches actually wall collosi in, which is super retarded, seen here:
Pinder on sc2, member of
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6.1 years ago
sounds like more protoss imbalance
AU Shuffle
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6.1 years ago
So now you can determine the location of our Burrowed Roaches without an observer?

Goodness, ZvP gets better everyday...

Ps. I'm enjoying this recent trend of Glade and myself segueing every thread into Protoss imbalance.

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AU ftrunkz
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6.1 years ago
How can you complain about protoss with terran in the state its in??? :\

and honestly as if the collosi getting caught in the middle of your burrowed roaches w/o detection while the rest of our army wonders past them would EVER be a bad thing -_-;;
Pinder on sc2, member of
0 Posts
6.1 years ago
lol , i agree
AU skipgamer
12 Posts
6.1 years ago
Interesting, seems ur obs just lost los on it while it was warping in (in between when it was building and being complete)... the really odd thing is it continues to show like a shimmery patch as though it was cloaked :s ...

Any way, no big deal... The chances of that happening again are like 100 to 1... bl really, especially how u jusssst didn't see it when u were controlling the obs and set the rally's.

oh, and lol... just lol, at imbalance discussions.

Edited once, 9/8/10 - 1:11am.

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