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GomTV is starting a Global Starcraft II League this September!

Earlier today, Blizzard Entertainment's partner GomTV revealed plans for an easily accessible worldwide league called the "Global StarCraft II League" (GSL). GomTV is planning on having monthly tournaments culminating in a main tournament and world championships for both the GSL 2010 and GSL 2011. Also, using GomTV's global broadcasting service, everyone around the world will be able to watch the league live through the Internet or via smart phones.

The GSL will be held every month starting with an Open Starcraft II League with a total prize pool of 200,000,000 won (approximately 170,000 USD). GomTV will broadcast the games 5 days a week, which is more than the current StarCraft leagues that are broadcasted 1~2 times a week. This way, more players and viewers will be able to enjoy the league. Also, GSL will incorporate a system based on points to promote a healthy competition. There will be a final event at the end of the year to determine the true champion and finish up the league.

There are a total of 600,000,000 won (app. 500,000 USD) in prizes planned for the year 2010, which is the most amount of money in the history of e-sports. The winner of the monthly tournament will be given 100,000,000 won (app. 85,500 USD), and runner up and semifinalists will be given 30,000,000 won (app. 25,000 USD) and 10,000,000 won (app. 8,500 USD) respectively. The players will be divided into upper and lower league depending on their performance in the 2010 league for the 2011 league.

GomTV e-sports representative Oh Joo Yang said, "The former StarCraft Leagues ran 4 different leagues at once, so the players had hard time focusing. Even the fans will be able to enjoy it more with many games a week. Before, only players in progaming teams were able to participate, but anyone can participate at a professional level in this league. Nationality and team involvement is not necessary as long as players have the skills to do well in the monthly leagues and move up to the upper league."

GomTV is planning on sponsoring skilled players and also planning on adding other StarCraft II leagues including a clan league. The details for GSL 2011 are planned to be released near the end of this year

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WoW Hooooge
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Crazy stuff, though deep down inside each of us knew sc2 would be big
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170k tournament.. Nom nom nom!
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WOW 4 regional spots for the world championship, fucking huge :D. Soooo hoping i qualify for sea.
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is this the biggest prize pool australia/nz has seen in Esport?
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Hypest shit I ever saw. Things are looking better and better for esports over here

GL Pinder No doubt you'll be trying.
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Can you post info about the even in the OP instead of just linking?


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i knew this would happen, but desert oasis is in the map pool. They always troll us somehow

This is awesome

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Holy shit I better start praccing more.

By praccing I mean losing to Stroggos more.
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only in SC2 gl to glade and pinder and no doubt the various others who will have a crack at this
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wow, cant wait to see these matches, it will really stress/test the balance of the game.
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I like how alot of the posters in this thread were badmouthing GOMTV and saying they were killing eSports etc.
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Quote from Dox on the 6th of August 2010:
I like how alot of the posters in this thread were badmouthing GOMTV and saying they were killing eSports etc.
Not me! <3

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