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OK, so heres what happened.
Me and MiLaN were playing our match a couple days early, (it went to 2OT and was bloody epic.) But then with 29 seconds left in the second overtime. We both lost connection, i was currently up at that point, but it could have gone either way.
MiLaN and I agree'd to a re-match/replay, but IF on the circumstances, i appealed for the match as my win.
What would happen?
AU Virus.
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i say you get it
but do you want to dog milan and seem like a girl?
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More of a support ticket issue rather then a community issue mate, I'm not up to date with the NBA ladder rules but after 30 seconds of looking I found this:

*If the game disconnects in the third or fourth quarter the team leading will take the win.
*If both players agree to reschedule the game if there are genuine connection problems, it is acceptable. Otherwise it is a default win to the team which did not disconnect.

So I'm sure you could have done the same thing to check your position. However if this is still in need of being addressed then please create a support ticket.

Thanks. JEWS
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