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Rainbow 6 Admin
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Welcome to 2017! We are excited to announce the first season of 2017 of CyberGamer's Rainbow Six: Siege ladder. This season will be slightly extended compared to the rest of this year's seasons. With the announcement of this season, we would like to announce that an Xbox One ladder is now open for teams to join. We are still finalising the ruleset and the ladder mode, but be assured the ladder will be open to challenges in the next few days.


The ladder will continue to be Open and will be using CyberGamer's Normal Mode.

Like the past four seasons, the Siege ladder will be running on a Bo1 (Best of 1).

The finals will continue to run as Bo3 (Best of 3).


Due to this being an extended season, we will have two $120 tournaments sometime throughout the season. You will be notified when the dates and times of these tournaments are confirmed.

16/1 - 22/1 - Week 1
23/1 - 29/1 - Week 2
30/1 - 5/2 - Week 3
6/2 - 12/2 - Week 4
13/2 - 19/2 - Week 5
20/2 - 26/2 - Mid-Season Break
27/2 - 5/3 - Week 6
6/3 - 12/3 - Week 7
13/3 - 19/3 - Week 8
20/3 - 26/3 - Week 9
TBA - Semi-Finals
TBA - Grand Final

Finals Eligibility

In order for your team to be eligible for finals, it must join and play at least 50% of the season. The deadline for finals eligibility is the end of 19th February. Individual members who join after the deadline are still able to play finals if they join the team prior to the roster & ladder lock.

Roster & Ladder Lock

Rosters will lock 11:59pm 19th March. No changes will be allowed after this. The ladder will lock at 11:59pm on the 26th March to prepare for finals.


The top four teams at 11:59pm 26th March will proceed to finals as long as they have the eligibility requirements. Please note that dates and times for finals will be discussed with the finalists after the ladder locks.

Ladder Shuffle:

The ladder will be shuffled around at Tobo and mine's discretion before the start of the season to ensure teams get a fair chance.


Although due care has been taken to ensure the above information is accurate, CyberGamer staff reserve the right to change anything above. A forum thread will be made if this happens.
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crap i got on a week long bender on friday. sorry team lmao
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