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Hi all I have been discussing with some members of the community the list of competitive maps for Overwatch and I think from my perspective at least there is far too many. I think the variety of maps for pub games is fantastic but in competitive play and especially with the veto process we see the same group of maps never played.

Currently we have

Temple of Anubis
Volskaya Industries

With Oasis due for release soon. I want to open the discussion on the possibility of getting these 13 maps reduced to say 7 maps and create a competitive map pool. Now I know at this point many people will be saying "what the ****" and also may even bring things up like Blizzard and ESL EU dont do it etc. There is also the fact that maps are tied to a game mode which is a huge factor.

So I went through all the OverWatch Weeklies we have done on CG and had a look at what maps have been played.
The results of this are as follows,

Right away removing Volskaya, Anubis, Hanamura, Eichenwalde, Route 66 would have played no impact and brought the map pool down to 8 maps.

So the question is, what are the benefits? well basically a smaller map pool means competitive teams focus more energy into the reduced pool becoming better at them increasing the skill level on those maps. Every now and then we would swap out maps to keep it fresh and give competitive players new maps to dedicate time on.

So recapping on this, keen to see players views on this, I also understand that maps are links to game modes which also has an impact. Not seeking a full solution, just a community discussion on it.

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7 months ago
Personally although I get why you want to do it I hate the idea. Far to many times has the Aus scene in different games, and also CG, gone against what the likes of the international community has done and honestly not to our benefit.

Coming from both a competitor and someone that has worked behind the scenes for games I really dont see the need to change what Blizzard has set out for competitive games. We had a showing at the world cup for overwatch which is awesome but forcing them to play in a different ruleset / map pool will only be a detriment in the long run in my opinion.

With the use of the veto system it really doesnt matter how many maps are in the map pool with a bo5 or bo7 the same amount of maps will be played. The good thing about having maps there that no-one seems to play if we just go off the data you present is that if they fall through the cracks in a pick ban it can allow for some very interesting game play especially when one team is expected to, for lack of a better phrase, curb stomp the opponents. The strategy can start in the veto phase trying to get a map like Hanamura through into the game to try and throw the better team off.

With the benefit you raise I personally dont really see it, there is no map rotation and every game is a pick ban phase so teams are still going to only focus on the more played maps and then rely on there experience in public games for the maps they never expect to play in a highly competitive setting or practice it very little compared to the rest, I honestly feel limiting the map pool would hurt the skill growth in the community more than not.

Like I've said before CG has gone through these ideas before take CSGO for example where they ran a totally different map pool, even maps, to the major events that were happening over seas and it did us no favours once we 'conformed' and starting following the rulesets that were set by valve and being used in the majors it allowed us to go so much further and even get people onto the international stage to showcase what our region can really accomplish.

I honestly believe we need to just stick to the blizzard ruleset, the maps that are being used in all major events and competition and just run with that.

My two cents on the topic.
7 months ago
Definitely agree with @Rocky. when the competitive scene first came out for Overwatch, australia was exactly like that they didn't have 2CP maps in the competitive pool for a good amount of time after blizzard themselves announced that it was to be played in official tournaments.

I personally don't like the idea of playing different maps to the rest of the world, they may not get played but they are there. changing this automatically gives teams going overseas a disadvantage as they haven't been open to all the maps. even if they don't get played, they're still there. It's the teams veto process not letting them be played. i think if you had a look at a few other Australian tournaments to for maps played i know some others were played, i do agree some are lacking but for reasons of staying inline with international i don't think there is anything that can be done.
7 months ago

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