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As account manager at Double Jump and representative of Hi-Rez Studios, I'm making this post to emphasise its seriousness. The admin team at CG have brought some evidence of behaviour which is impacting the integrity of the competition.

We are issuing a ban or 1 week on joshkent for soliciting match information in exchange for rewards, and the remainder of the Abyss team is Warned by association.
To reinforce the warning, the points won by Abyss in Evie Winter Classic Week 1 are Revoked. Points will be passed down in placement order.

All teams that take reward for information or refuse to scrim a team at another teams request, are also Warned.

CG admins will have the power to issue 1 match bans to a warned player if they see evidence of this reoccurring.

There is a warn and ban list maintained by the Cybergamer administrators. (Link below)

1 - You can still talk about your matches, that's normal conversation. However, we do not approve of sharing team and match info particularly for reward.

2 - You cannot refuse to scrim a team because another team asked you to, particularly on promise of reward. This is collusion. You must report any offer and anyone found to be participating will be warned, then banned. At the same time we will expect strong evidence of collusion. We understand teams have reasons for choosing who and when to scrim, but they must make their own decisions without being unduly influenced.

This behaviour will be dealt with and the penalties will escalate harshly should it continue. It only hurts the community and your fellow players if we do not have a fair competition.

Play and enjoy the game without questionable conduct. Please refer to the admins with any questions or information. I am also available directly and admins will escalate to me as needed.

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