These Power Rankings are done by a committee of 5 people consisting of:

Chrisis - twitter
Lead Rocket League commentator for Gamestah.

Tibore - twitter
Analyst & Commentator for AussieGamingTV.

Cyrix - twitter
Player for Another One.

yumi_cheeseman - twitter
Player for Gameroos, Commentator and Rocket League enthusiast.

n0lsk1 - twitter
Director of Public Relations for Rocket League Oceania, owner of Phoenix Gaming, Rocket League enthusiast and budding global Twitch mod.

Tournament Results


  1. Simple Physics
  2. Subzero Gaming
  3. 3/4 Tied Trinity / Team Erase


  1. Team Shaolin
  2. Aurora eSports
  3. 3/4 Tied R.I.P. Harambe / Set Seven

CGm Finals

  1. Mayne eSports
  2. Reload eSports
  3. Feint

CGa Finals

  1. Lemons But Nothing
  2. Singularity
  3. Subzero Gaming
  4. Phoenix Gaming

Gameroos Tuesday

  1. Abyss eSports
  2. Coles doughnuts
  3. 3/4 Tied Simple Physics / Trinity

Gameroos Thursday

  1. Simple Physics
  2. Trinity
  3. 3/4 Tied Reload / Gameroos G Team

CyberGamer Season 3 Invitational results

News from around the region:

  • Supremacy have disbanded.
  • Phoenix Gaming have disbanded
  • Trinity reformed


1 - Athletico

Bango, SnarfSnarf, Montyconnor, Jcooke | Nil movement
Another quiet week and Athletico are still napping in their beds. The lack of appearance has led to their first #2 rating in quite a while, but they've still shown they are the strongest team in OCE right now. Hopefully they are still chugging along with practice and getting geared up for the up coming season. They are now sitting at the top of the mountain and everyone below is looking to be the first to push them off and claim the summit of Mount Athletico. - yumi_cheeseman

2 - Abyss eSports

Express, Addzey | Nil movement
Abyss have been playing with Cyrix a lot now, and he is fitting in well, it feels like any day now he could be confirmed as Abyss's newest member. Abyss + Cyrix are currently making it to at least the final of every tournament they play; often winning it all. This week they took out the Gameroos Tuesday Tournament with a strong showing, touching up some decent teams along the way. Abyss are one of the only active top 5 teams at the moment and are making use of this time to find their missing link they need to take top spot! However If Athletico remain stagnant for long enough we might see Abyss taking top spot very soon.
- Tibore

3 - Legacy eSports

Soma, Eren, Orion, Penor | + 1
Legacy, like Alpha Sydney, are spending the off-season on the down low. Again, only one competitive outing, with 2 core + a sub, and even with a different name! But the result speaks for themselves, with Legacy reaching the final of the Gameroos Census Night tournament, to be knocked out by Abyss eSport. This was a better result than AS + sub, and their rank reflects this - playing on the down-low or not. It's more certain, however, that Legacy aren't looking to change their core roster going into the next season. One hopes the off-season will be used to rectify some of the weaknesses that has allowed the likes of Athletico, Abyss and Alpha Sydney get the better of them. - Chrisis

4 - Alpha Sydney

Stoney, Dicky, Dumbo, Shawthing | - 1
It's the off-season and Alpha Sydney are clearly taking a bit of a break - or are they? They've had just one outing this week and they used a sub to bolster the two players from core (Dumbo and Dicky) that played in the RLO tournament. Could they be looking for a permanent sub for the coming season, or was it something more innocent than that? Regardless, they were knocked out in Round 2 by Trinity, and this has lead to a one rank drop this week. If their core roster does change going into the next Season this will have an impact on their ranking, as First Rocketeer Stoney has been an important part of their rise to the top. But talk of roster changes is only speculation on the part of this writer, I promise! - Chrisis

5 - Gameroos

yumi_cheeseman, DaBeastXD, aoe_emp | Nil movement
No activity, as a team, from Gameroos this week and who would blame them? After coming off a fantastic season, which ended in winning the CGi finals, they definitely deserve one.

So where do Gameroos go from here? For starters, they should definitely be looking forward towards gaining qualification for CGp next season. On top of this they should be aiming for at least top 4 in all major tournaments that arise. I have high hopes for Gameroos' future and I hope they continue to worry the top 4 teams about their ranking. - cyrix

6 - Simple Physics

Daisu, Daze, Siki, Spyno | + 6 New
A variation of the current line up had shown up recently in the RLO & Team Erase ODC and performed extremely well, making it all the way to the finals second leg, finishing a close second to Legacy. It seems to have catalysed the formation this new team, lead by Daisu, with the potential to give the top 4 a real shake up. An important and relatively unknown addition goes by the name of Spyno; one of the very limited collection of SARPBC veterans we have in OCE. He recently made the switch to Rocket League and has been making waves ever since. It's been an immensely successful week for Simple Physics; they came out on top in the RLO XIII 3v3 A's, the Thursday Gameroos 3v3's (with Spyno as tournament MVP), and making it to the semi-finals in the Tuesday Gameroos 3v3's. An exciting team to watch, truly deserving of their position in the power rankings. Watch this space. - n0lsk1

7 - Team Erase

Lukorice, Greeny, | Nil movement
Team Erase Are still looking for their 3rd member, with the OCE scene having a incredibly large pool of skilled players to choose from right now they are almost spoilt for choices. The question is though if they can attract a big enough name. There are some concerns over the teams ability to come back when up against it. It may not be a team many of the available talent in the OCE would be attracted to after the CGi finals performance where it appeared they gave up. Lukorice and Greeny though have some incredible skills and can put on a show, so it could be a gamble that pays off for the player who wants to jump in with them. Someone who can act as a stabilizing force would be prefect.
- Tibore

8 - Another One

Stig, OssyOsbert, Plitzinator | - 2
Another One have been completely absent since the end of season. With Cyrix out of the roster, the team is still sticking together, but have yet to show up with a new line up. They fall two positions because of this, but I'm still excited to see what comes out of the woodwork and whether Plitz is made core. What affect will this have on the team as they strive to reach the top once again? Here's hoping they make it. - yumi_cheeseman

9 - Trinity eSports

Toxic95, Zepsy, Jcoffee, Denosauras | New
Another new addition to the Power Rankings are Trinity! These guys have been around for a while now and while they haven't been sitting in the top 10 for a long time like some other teams they definitely aren't a team you can underestimate.

This week Trinity were very keen seeing as they completed in RLO and both Gameroos tournaments. In RLO As they had a decent run beating Singularity and Alpha Sydneyish before losing in the semis to Subzero. They had 2 good runs in Gameroos where they made the semis on the Tuesday night (before losing to eren, soma & turtle) and the grand final on Thursday where they went down to Simple Physics.

This team definitely has potential. The talent is there but I still think they need to find their style and work on it. - cyrix

10 - Mayne eSports

Seniaz, Stics, Snowy, SsTeVe | Nil movement
Mayne had a huge victory this week taking out the CGm finals coming straight from winner’s bracket and sealing the Grand Final in a great show of skill. This leaves them as the only team besides Athletico that have gone completely undefeated throughout their entire CG season, and it’s great to see them rewarded with the big $150 1st place prize. They took their series 4 - 1 against Feint in the winner’s final, and 4 - 2 against Reload in a thrilling Grand final, and brought a great rotational playstyle to the pitch. They only remain at 10 with Simple Physics and Trinity making a leap above them.

Brighter news is on the horizon for Mayne as Snowy has returned from the USA, so they will once again be playing with a full roster, and with the new addition of sSteve as their sub, they need to look towards the off season. They have some work to go if they want to make grounds in The Chase, but they should be keeping their eye on the big leagues in the up and coming season and practicing hard if they want to be able to climb above 10th place. - yumi_cheeseman

Teams to watch

Chrisis: Simple Physics
Tibore: Simple Physics
Cyrix: Simple Physics
yumi_cheeseman: Lemons But Nothing
N0lski: Simple Physics

Here's how the committee ranked the top 10:

The Committee
Chrisis / Tibore / Cyrix / yumi_cheeseman

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