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SMITE Oceania Pro League Relegations

The SMITE Oceania Pro League Relegations will be occurring between Split 2 and 3 and will be held on the 27th of August. As with the last split, the bottom two(2) OPL teams will be in contention with the top two(2) Challenger's Cup teams. However, instead of a team on team matchup these teams will be placed in a round robin tournament where they will play 2 game sets against each other to determine the top two(2) teams to either return or join the OPL for Split 3. But before this, the Challenger's Cup will have a Finals Series to determine the top two(2) Challenger's Cup Teams.

SMITE Oceania Challenger's Cup Split 2 Finals

With the announcement of the Split 2 Finals for the SMITE OPL the time has come to reveal how the Split 2 of Challenger's Cup will finish leading into relegations. The SMITE OCE Challenger's Cup will finish it's regular split on July 31st, the final day of the SMITE OPL. After this, in the two week period between the end of the regular split and the Split 2 Finals for the OPL, Challenger's Cup will be having it's own finals.

The top-6 teams at the end of the regular split will compete in a Bo3 Single Elimination Tournament to determine who the two teams that will compete in the Relegations Tournament will be and their seeding as well as Gem Prizing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It will be broadcast over the two weekends between the end of the regular split and the Split 2 LAN finals. To be eligible to play in the finals a team must have played at least 3 matches.

Round 1 will be broadcast on Saturday the 6th of August and the first semi-final will be shown on Sunday the 7th of August. The second semi-final will be shown on Saturday the 13th of August, the finals and the bronze match on Sunday the 14th.

1st - 1500 Gems
2nd - 800 Gems
3rd - 400 Gems

Teams that will be involved in the Finals will be contacted by the CyberGamer Admin team after the regular split has ended to provide them with the necessary details.

SMITE Oceania Pro League Split 2 All-Stars Match

Last Split the All-Stars Match was a huge success with HughZ's Heroes taking it out against Adanas' Annihilators. The All-Stars Match will be running again in Split 2 and will take place on Saturday the 3rd of September! You the viewers, fans and supporters of the SMITE Oceania Pro League will be a part of the process in choosing the All-Stars! The process will also include votes from the OPL players themselves as well as a group of casters and admins. You can vote via the link below!

Vote here.

All games will be livestreamed on

VODs can be found here:
Note: there will be a few hours delay from when the games end to when they are live on YouTube

Make sure to follow @CGSMITE on Twitter for immediate notification of any (highly unlikely) changes and live tweets!

Good luck to everyone and may the best team win!

For more information on the SMITE Oceania Pro League season visit

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