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Hi guys,
With such an amazing year of smite for the oceanic region we have created a dedicated CyberGamer smite channel. Our new channel is at and we encourage every one to head over give it a follow.

Through out 2016 we will see the OPL streamed at the regular times of Saturday and Sunday from 6pm. Through the week we will some challenger matches also being streamed.

Along with the change in channel we also have some changes coming to the casting team. We are still in the progress of sorting out the OPL casters, but any one not at the highest standard will be available to cast the challenger matches. We will release more information on this in the very near future.

The last point is we encourage anyone who can to subscribe to the channel, this will give you instant access to to all VoDs, you wont be affected by slow mode and most importantly ALL proceeds from subscriptions will go directly to the commentators. You can purchase your subscription for just $4.99 per month from HERE

Last note - don't forget, the only way you are able to play in the OPL this split is by competing in the qualifiers. You can sign your team up at

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