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The GamersRequest Highlander.

What's a highlander? You might ask. For those who don't know, in a nutshell it's 9 v 9 Team Fortress 2. Highlander is a fun game mode, very different to the 6 v 6 we're all used to.
Thanks to" rel="nofollow">GamersRequest, BestGN, CyberGamer, iBUYPOWER, PC Maniacs and netGameRadio, we're hosting Australia's Largest Highlander tournament!

PC Maniacs and iBUYPOWER are giving us a Logitech G13 to give away to each player on the winning team! That's not all though! Your team will also receive a fully paid for TF2 server thanks to BestGN!

To sign up your team, please head over to" rel="nofollow">GamersRequest and follow the instructions. All the rules and information can be found in the GamersRequest Highlander Forum.

After team registrations, we will see how the tournament will be played. We need to know if all the teams are willing to play two (2) matches a week. If so, please PM me saying so!

Key Dates:
22 February 2010: Sign-ups open
1 March 2010: Sign-ups close
8 March 2010: season fixtures posted
12 March 2010: First round matches begin.

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GamersRequest Highlander Round 1 and Round 2 Fixtures


Frenetic Array vs. fray'Rebound - March 15th @ 8:30PM AEST

Famous vs. The Power of Theo's Warriors - March 15th @ 9:30PM AEST

WE-R vs. Team @ - March 16th @ 8:30PM AEST

Team Rewound vs. Panic! - March 16th @ 9:30PM AEST

Ruffians vs. The Blazing Yams Organisation - March 17th @ 8:30PM AEST

The Amazing Flying Dragon Tamers vs. Garethlander - March 17th @ 9:30PM AEST


Frenetic Array vs. Famous - March 22nd @ 8:30PM AEST

WE-R vs. The Power of Theo's Warriors - March 22nd @ 9:30PM AEST

Team Rewound vs. Team @ - March 23rd @ 8:30PM AEST

Ruffians vs. Panic! - March 23rd @ 9:30PM AEST

The Amazing Flying Dragon Tamers vs. The Blazing Yams Organisation - March 24th @ 8:30PM AEST

Team Rebound vs. Garethlander - March 24th 9:30PM AEST

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