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3 years ago
World DRAM prices are set to rocket as news comes in that Hynix FABs 1 and 2 have been engulfed in a ball of flame following a huge chemical explosion.
UPDATE: We have just heard that several major memory suppliers have stopped shipments – read more here.
Reports are still coming in, but the effects are immediate – with memory prices already shooting up by 10% in the first hour after reports started.
This is one of the main factories for nVidia GDDR5 we are told, so expect a major issue for the green team with production and pricing. That said, As nVidia begin to switch to other sources, so AMD's price for Radeon RAM will also jump up.
Hynix makes 30% of the world's memory in this area, and now it will lose half its production, so world production will drop by 15%.

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3 years ago
Glad I'm not in the market for a new computer right now.
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Hey remember that ramdisk we were throwing ideas around for ryan?

Yeah not happening now haha.
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Hmm reminds me of the bananas after the crops in Queensland were wrecked. If supply has dropped by 15%, price will increase by >15%.
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