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Leagues are now LIVE!

Apologies for the delays in everything getting started, but we're live now and the first season will run for 8 weeks from tomorrow, 23nd of January until the 20th of March.

The format for leagues will be based on divisions. Each season will run for 8 weeks and there will be divisions of 8 teams. These 8 teams will play round robin matches over a period of 7 weeks with the top 4 then playing semi-finals and grand finals in the 8th week of the tournament. After the playoffs there will be a single map up/down match between the top 2 of a division and the bottom two of the division above. This format is better explained in the graphic below.

Click for explanatory graphic.

Please ensure your team members read the rules as there is no leniancy regarding breaches of rules. Rules are subject to change, and will be updated tomorrow(Wednesday 23rd).

Please also remember that the "challenging" team will be able to offer two times - we advise talking to other teams to organize these times if possible.

So get your strats down for your first match as it all starts tomorrow! You can check your opponents for each of the following rounds by reviewing the schedules below.

Division 1 Schedule

Division 2 Schedule

Big thank you to Bek for the graphics (and deek for the explanatory format graphic)!!

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GL HF. let the games begin.
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3.6 years ago
GLHF, looks like we'll be having some fun matches
"they're going to come, they're going to come hard" - Stephan
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Nice sig there redbean.
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Looks like a very competitive league.
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AU haymo
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Hey there's a new pugbot :O Does it work?
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Seeing as this game is expanding, is it worth picking up?
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In the chat for our last match we got the impression each round everyone plays the same map:

Quote from Jekt [Admin:
7:54pm 28/1/13:]
Sorry this wasn't communicated properly, Summit will be the map for the first round.

The server is ready for teams to begin joining.Enter some text here

Does this mean first round of the league? Admins choose map for each round of league? Or is it done like in the rules offer 3, pick 1, etc.?

If one map per league round:
1) What is the map for this round? (round 2, right)
2) Can we get a list of maps for all the upcomming rounds?
If you don't want to announce them in advance or whatever then can we have a thread for them to be posted in?

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