AU Frookie
1,052 Posts
6.7 years ago
exp counts for everything and cheaper soul healing
AU auss
318 Posts
6.7 years ago
might be time to get the old bot out
AU Narkdawg
4,332 Posts
6.7 years ago
all we need is double the players and less lag on forts and it will be s1qqQq
[18:32] conkaa: who the fuck is bangs
AU Draps
448 Posts
6.7 years ago
yeh, servers are fair dead compared to some free games out there...
the double xp was good though
In through the maze through your reflection we enter from a terminal connection. :D Xfire = danorulzo
AU Chimpy
338 Posts
6.7 years ago
might purchase some more game time for this >.>

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