AU Teazeh
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4 years ago
hey guys Im thinking of starting my own Youtube channel for pub gaming commentaries etc. I was just wondering if you guys have any ideas or experience that you could help me with, to get a strong up and running Youtube channel that people would like to sub to and enjoy my videos. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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AU Fisiqz
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4 years ago
Just try and make yours different and unique
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NZ Gazz.
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4 years ago
ill sub to ur youtube channel if u make 1.
NZ Nagare
1,666 Posts
4 years ago
Quote from Fisiqz- on the 16th of July 2012:
Just try and make yours different and unique

Short and sweet that's about it.

Try to delay posting videos until you recieve new content that no-ones ever played before (ie: new releases THE DAY they come out) with exciting gameplays and inciteful commentaries.

Try and make your videos as professional as possible, title sequences at the beginning with HD video gameplay.

Other then that, it's basically just about being yourself when presenting your videos, people enjoy someone being themselves instead of being someone different.

Hope that helps.
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AU Pagie
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4 years ago
Posting regular video's.
Talk about a range of topics.
Branch out from COD only. ( There are millions of people atm who do this )
AU #Bish
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4 years ago
Just go for it man, Jump into the deep end and start swimming You get the hang of it, Like i look at some of the stuff i posted and i think wow, did i really post that? haha You Learn everything as you do it bro
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AU Fushan
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4 years ago
Well first and foremost, if you are only doing it for a partnership/money you might as well just not bother now. So many individuals now join expecting a YouTube partnership, expecting 100,000 subs when their content is just the same as 500,000 other people wanting the same thing. The thing with YouTube is you want to do something that stands out from the rest. Posting a commentary going 30-1 on a public FFA is so cliché now so I would personally try to avoid that as much as possible.

The key to being successful on YouTube is being unique. Commentaries are overdone so much now, but if you insist on doing commentaries for your sake you need to make them interesting, relevant and up-to-date.
AU Teazeh
1,021 Posts
4 years ago
Thanks for the all the help guys. <3
That is so much swag I want to kill myself for not having that much swag.
AU ThemeZ
65 Posts
4 years ago
do it

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