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Hello everyone,

This is my first big movie project and the first of many more to come.
I started this project out in early April, but due to various IRL commitments, I wasn't initially able to
work on it very much, but I was determined to finish it.
Big thanks to Synic for being so patient with me, etc.
Also thanks to MEKA for helping with cinematics and stuff.


HD Download Link:



The Shaws - The Way You Feel
Voicians - Loner (The Magic Puppet Remix)
Pendulum - Self vs. Self ft.In Flames

Program(s) Used:
Sony Vegas Pro 9
Adobe After Effects CS5
Call of Duty 4

Various Information:

Produced by: reLOADED
Starring: Brandon "SyNic" Britton
Length: 4mins 10secs
Framerate: 30FPS
Raw Framerate: 240/1000
Project Folder: 314GB
Render Time: 20mins 47secs
Uncompressed AVI size: 19.3GB
Final Compressed size: 337MB
Worktime: 3 months (on and off due to exams, etc.)

All of the shoutouts from myself and Synic are in the video, sorry if I missed anyone :D.

c u soon
getting so much dolla this season, i will enjoy taking your money jake. ded nd owned (c) dardar
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3.8 years ago
Loved it

<3 Reloaded
NZ cookie.
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fray`Cøw.Logitech: headbutted some muslim chick today
AU Health
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In Int64 i was actually considering hypnosis (c) Axeon - xfire ~ healthbo
AU eDGe`
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3.8 years ago
Well done, you've done the best with the terrible frags given.
Starve the ego, feed the soul.
AU chalupa batman
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3.8 years ago
seemed a bit boring tbh, music wasn't great either
just a humble banana farmer
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Excellent work man! I finally got to find out why I did that cinematic on crash. Loved the config, and the cutting was fairly well done. In the beginning I thought it lacked a little flow, but It later picked up soon after. I must say your choice in music was quite standard though. It would have been great to see you branch out and look a little further.
The transition between the music was not great though. Fading out and fading to black is just lazy in my opinion.

Over all dude I really enjoyed it. Fantastic work
AU Aceman.
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Quote from eDGe` on the 11th of July 2012:
Well done, you've done the best with the terrible frags given.
AU willstylez
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solid quote qwz. ill like the vid to even the standings quality frags, quality movie.
AU fez_
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quotes r gay as fuk

2:50 nice
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he's my coach. umad??

nice edit reloaded, sick video

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watched first few frags then I started listening to music..then watched more frags

was pretty good ^^
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Easy your best work, gj reloaded.
AU xipho
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3.8 years ago
was cool, average frags tho synic
AU Dragn
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3.8 years ago
Really nice reloaded, not a part I didn't like. There should be more movies like this.
4 stars.
fuk i am dum (c) vyybz | Add xfire | Nov 05 2011 [17:37] animax.dardar: cod4 is dead

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