AU Korii
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4.1 years ago
So I have been looking online for a good deal on Battlefield 3. I came across this site, they have a massive sale on atm. the problem is if anyone knows if the site is safe? a site said that its 93% safe. so if anyone can help me well be happy in the future. btw check them out, good prices.
dickbutt / PSN JustOneillHD
AU je.
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4.1 years ago
If you don't trust that site, amazon has it for $35.

Any U.S. address in a state with no sales tax & then use your CC/visa/whatever. I got my BF3 from there for $30 awhile back.
victori. W??DY: kinda depressing i have to settle for a hand this weekend now
AU Korii
907 Posts
4.1 years ago
That looks more reliable, they have a facebook twitter and youtube. same price
dickbutt / PSN JustOneillHD
AU launch old
227 Posts
4.1 years ago
Origin has ricidulous sales every now and then, check into that. I've seen 75% off everything on origin
AU l_w_88
6,678 Posts
4.1 years ago

also dont buy bf3 - horrid game
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