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Hey Guys,

I have received a fair few requests to bring back a more competitive based BF3 tournament. After carefully considering what would be best for the BF3 community at this point in time, I believe a 4 v 4 Squad Rush would be most appropriate.

I would also like to thank for the following sponsor and peers to make this tournament happen.

Corsair, Solemn and Redding.

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Registration Link:

Mwave Battlefield 3 Group Cup Tournament Details

Cash Prize will be transferred individually to each participating player PayPal account. Each team leader must submit to Mwave all the players PayPal accounts whom participated in the tournament. If a team wishes to transfer all the winnings to the team leader's account, then the team leader must present a legal document. The legal document must include a statement from the players, full name, address, D.O.B, contact number, dated and signed off. Mwave holds no responsibility for incorrect details given to us or errors in sending the cash prize to the wrong person. Double check all details with your team leader before your team leader completes the application.

- This Tournament is open to both Australian and New Zealand teams/Players. (NZ players just need to acknowledge the prize amount may be at lesser value, due to fees).
- The tournament will be based on 4 vs 4 , Squad Rush mode.
- Teams are allowed to use their own server or can send a request to for a GameArena Rental.
- Teams can only register a maximum of 6 players per team.
- A minimum of 32 teams must be registered for this tournament. If we do not receive a minimum of 32 teams, then this tournament will be cancelled.
- Group rounds will consist of 64 Teams, divided by 16 teams per Group. Groups will be decided by Mwave & CG Administrators.
- Any teams who do not participate in the Group Team Matches, then they will be automatically disqualified.
- Teams must be in the server ready to start within 10 minutes of the designated match time, teams that are not ready to start within that time will forfeited the match.
- Rankings in groups are based on a points system for example:
- Win = 3 points
- Draw = 1 point
- Loss = 0 points.
At the end of the group stage if there are any teams tied on W/L or points then it goes down to their MCOM lost/won ratio, the team with the better ratio wins.
- A 3 map system will be played for this tournament, each team has 1 turn to play as an attacker and an defender then a new map will be loaded.
- Updated: Map Picks: A 1 vs 1 repair tool fight will determine the map list. The Winner of the repair tool fight will select who picks the first map & Who veto off the first map.
For example:
Operation Metro - MP_Subway Squad Rush - Team A Pick #1
Grand Bazaar - MP_001 Squad Rush - Team B Pick #1
Seine Crossing - MP_011 Squad Rush - Team A Pick #2
Kharg Island - MP_018 Squad Rush = 3rd Map
Damavand Peak - MP_013 Squad Rush - Team B Pick #2
Noshahar Canals - MP_017 Squad Rush - Team A Pick #3
Teheran Highway - MP_003 Squad Rush - Team B Pick #3
* Once as map has been voted off then it cannot be selected to play.
- Example of point system: "If team A wins the round by destroying 2 MCOM, they receive 2 points, if they lose, but destroy 1 MCOM they receive 1 point. Team with the highest number of points wins the match"
- You must have at least 3 players on your team in the server to start a match.
- If you get disconnected during the match you can rejoin the server but you must immediately switch to your team and not
spawn in or idle on the other team.
- Absolutely no cheating, hacking.
- Player ping must be under 150 milliseconds.
- We encourage players, to send a screenshot or video evidence of other players disobeying rules or hacking to
- If the server crashes while in a live match then the round must be replayed from the beginning. If for the second time the server crashes, then a new server must be used unless both teams agree to play on the same server again.
- After the 05/08/2012, the top 12 teams will go into a Double Elimination Based Tournament.
Teams ranked 1st to 4th go through to the 2nd round on a BYE, teams ranked 5th to 8th go straight through to the 1st round and teams ranked 9th to 16th play an additional single elimination round to own a spot in the double elimination tournament.
- In-game abuse will not be tolerated; any team communications must be either friendly discussion or coordination between teams. At the request of either teams by stating "no more global" both teams are to cease talking unless you are a captain of the team, any team breaking this rule will have the result of 1 round forfeited.
- Mwave Administrators are the tournament officials, their instructions are to be complied with immediately, if you fail to comply with instructions or abuse a admin in-game. Yours team will be disqualified from the tournament, no question asked.
- Players are expected to use in-game names closely matching or clearly translating to their CyberGamer user account, players at any stage can change their username to match their playing account to ensure compliance with the rules. Names or clan tags of an offensive nature will not be allowed to compete in the tournament.
- Updated: If a team believes the opposing team is not using a registered player, please take a screenshot and send to for confirmation. If a team was found using an unauthorised player then that team will lose 1 WIN & 3 Points. In a situation when the team was using an unauthorised player WON the match then then WIN will be revoked and losing team will be granted the winner. If at any time a team requires to use a scrim then the opposing team must agree otherwise they will forfeited the match.
- (DISALLOWED) Use of macros or scripting to perform more than one command with only one keystroke
- (DISALLOWED) Use of map glitches to gain access to areas of the map that are not there by design but by flaw.
- (DISALLOWED) Using people who are ineligible to play (unless an agreement it made with opposing team) or who are not enrolled in the team.
- All rules breaking will result in immediately disqualification from the tournament.

Note: will be used for this tournament.

The following Weapon attachments/Accessories/Unlocks are not allowed:
- M320 (Grenade Launcher Version)
- C4 Explosives
- Frag Rounds
- Mines
- Claymores
- TUG (Recon sensoring unit)
- MAV (Recon Drone)
- Parachuting from spawn beacons
- AUG A3
- SPAS-12

Squad Rush Map Lists:
Operation Metro - MP_Subway Squad Rush
Grand Bazaar - MP_001 Squad Rush
Seine Crossing - MP_011 Squad Rush
Kharg Island - MP_018 Squad Rush
Damavand Peak - MP_013 Squad Rush
Noshahar Canals - MP_017 Squad Rush
Teheran Highway - MP_003 Squad Rush

Server Settings:
#Commands for Unranked Servers
vars.ranked false
vars.unlockMode all
vars.unlockMode "all"
vars.allUnlocksUnlocked true

#Change these values
admin.password "youradminpasswordhere"
vars.gamePassword "yourserverpasswordhere"
vars.serverName "yourservernamehere"

#Standard Commands
vars.bannerUrl ""
vars.serverDescription ""
vars.noInteractivityTimeoutTime 2500
vars.idleTimeout "2500"
vars.teamKillCountForKick 100
vars.teamKillValueForKick 200
vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1
vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0
vars.miniMap true
vars.miniMapSpotting true
vars.3pCam true
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
vars.nameTag true
vars.regenerateHealth true
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
vars.hud true

vars.killCam false
vars.3dSpotting false
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 1
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 1
vars.autoBalance false
vars.friendlyFire true

vars.playerManDownTime 100
vars.playerRespawnTime 100
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100
vars.bulletDamage 100
vars.soldierHealth 100
vars.gameModeCounter 100


Hey Guys,

I just have updated all your scores in Binary Beast, unfortunately BB doesn't record how many MCOM stations were remaining or how many rounds you won by.

Basically all BB reports is which team won and lost and gives the winner 3 competition points.

So I'm going to change the point system from now on. You don't need to record how many MCOM stations remained in the scrim, the only details you need to provide me is which TEAM WON and THE ROUND COUNT.

For example Team A vs Team Z
Team A Won

If Two Teams in the same group have the same amount of WINS and COMP POINTS then they will go into a BO3 map scrim to see who advances into the ELIMINATION rounds

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Nice Chris mate.
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Awesome sounds good.
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Can not wait! :-)
Thumbs up me if I helped you!
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4.2 years ago
Huge comp, hoping to see a big turn-out!
AU Cardio
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4.2 years ago
Sounds awesome, can't wait.
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Massive, awesome work Chris, can't wait.
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awesome work chris, look forward to it
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great work
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me,voj,nut,lamby fair keen
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Quote from bogzillar on the 28th of June 2012:
me,voj,nut,lamby fair keen

well this is awkward.
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4.2 years ago
Quote from bogzillar on the 28th of June 2012:
me,voj,nut,lamby fair keen

AU dluX
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4.2 years ago
voj would have to be playing with a pretty huge ping to compete one would think?
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Should probably note in advance that those banned from CG competitions won't be allowed to compete

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