AU Karma IT
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3.9 years ago
that seems fair
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Quote from Karma IT on the 25th of June 2012:
Sorry man, obviously there's another dude here to buy it off you, I don't get my money for two weeks, so maybe then if you still got it... but honestly, I was gunna lay-by from my local computer shop!
AU Karma IT
3,969 Posts
3.9 years ago
i have several
AU l_w_88
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3.9 years ago
plus I was joking - notice the part where i threatened his daughter's life?
"theirs smart people and dumb ass" - iMonsteR
AU raf simons
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3.9 years ago
trust me OP, get 570
My new apartment should be arriving soon (c) iMeZz, -=EMK=-,
AU hyu
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3.9 years ago
Quote from LACHandLOAD on the 25th of June 2012:
Oh, also do you have it or have any experience with it?
I giggled.

Definitely go with the GTX570.
It's pronounced hi-you

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