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Noxious Gaming is proudly sponsored by Exothermic - The choice of gamers.

Our second interview is with another one of our Counterstrike: Source players, Aaron "Speedkill" Cox. Thanks for agreeing to let us interview you!

To start with we'll ask you a generic question that will be used in all of our interviews, it gives us an idea about the player we're interviewing and where they've come from.

So Mr Speedkill! First questions first, where did your passion for gaming start?

No worries. I guess my passion for gaming would have started on the PC when I first got my hands on Counterstrike Condition Zero, Although I never played online on it, I still enjoyed versing the bots, as the bots were hard enough for me as they were back then.

I only decided to start playing online when I found Counter Strike 1.6, playing pub quite often and trying to improve and hopefully one day be able to beat everyone else, but I got into 1.6 too late I think as CS:S was released a little while after and I enjoyed that much more, as the graphics were much nicer to look at (and I was still open minded to how the game felt while playing).

I went back and forth between 1.6 and Source pub trying to improve and when I felt up to standard (finding pub relatively easy and topping the scoreboard quite often) I wanted something more challenging. I eventually started noticing people had teams for the games and I wanted to see what it was like to play with a team and how a scrim would work, and my first team that I found was in CS:S called Kill or be Killed "KORBK".

After playing with KORBK for around a year and a half and losing just about every scrim/match(we played on the game arena and game space open ladders) I decided I'd like to find a new team, and one day I was in pub and a player by the name of anonymous said I had decent aim but not much clue, at the time I had no idea what he meant by clue, and he asked me if I wanted to play competitive CS:S in a team that's better than KORBK, I said sure I'll give it a go and he got me into his team "Coreplay", we played a lot of scrims but I didn't get to play in any competitive ladders in the team.

After playing with a better team and against better teams, I started to improve rapidly and I found more teams that wanted to pick me up as a core player that were also going to be competing competitively, and that was when I decided I wanted to stick to it and see how far I can get before I decide that Source isn't for me. And it looks like that time Isn't going to come for a long time (unless CS:S dies that is, then I'll be hoping CS:GO kicks off).

You've been in the Noxious source line up since the beginning, what's your overview on the current line up and how it's compared to previous seasons? Do you think there's room for improvement, since the team is currently ranked first on the Intermediate League ladder and have wiped the floor with all of your opponents so far?

Well the team is definitely at the best it has ever been right now, in previous seasons, I'm talking early "infamous" we didn't have a line-up that was working, we had players not getting along with others, and I think David "Moojuice" was just trying to find the right players to gel the team together with, and I believe he has done very well in that sense, we all get along very well, and we all play quite well together. Also with the organisation improving so fast I think it's helping with the teams' morale quite a lot.

I believe the only thing we have to improve on right now is our holds/pushes/strategies. Each of the players in the team can hold their own as it is.

Within the next week or so you'll be coming up against your main rival per say, that being Avant.Tt, will the team be putting any more practice than usual? Or will you treat it as if they were one of the prior games "Just another obstacle on the way to first place"?

Well we aren't too fond of practicing all that much, I'd assume we're going to have maybe one practice session for say 10-15 minutes, as we have done before the recent matches. But we definitely want to win this one and keep our winning streak going, hopefully we can keep it all the way to the end of the season, and hopefully win the finals.

Judging by how we're playing right now, it's really not that hard to see it happening. Although I'm sure Avant, Carnage and maybe The Finest (judging by how they did against us when we last played them) will give us a run for our money.

This is a question we saw last week when we interviewed your fellow team mate Moojuice, there has been a few upsets in the Intermediate league with teams such as Imperium, Endzone and Bytefrag being bumped up, what do you think of the decision to add these teams into Intermediate but leaving teams like Madlikewizards in the division below? Do you agree with the decision, if you had it your way would you of changed anything in regards to the Intermediate league?

I think the admins made the right decision based on the criteria that they used for team selections, but judging on how they have performed during the season it would seem otherwise. There was one team that I believe should have been placed in I over one of the three teams, but that team happened to lose half of its players right before selections, so therefore I think the admins made the right decision, MLW are good, but unfortunately for them they didn't perform well enough to be picked for Intermediate.

There's been a bit of circle-jerking going on regarding three of the top teams currently in Intermediate this includes Avant.Tt, Carnage & obviously the Noxious team, it seems as if there was a little bit of rivalry going on, can you shed any light on this subject?

To be honest, I haven't read a thing about it on the forums, I rarely go on forums as I don't really care much for other people's opinions and what not, all I can say is that it's expected, things get tense and people start putting up friendly meaningless banter to try and put off the others or just to have a bit of a dig at each other, but it's all just fun and games, or at least that's what I believe.

The last question will be more a question on your future, we previously asked Moojuice about his thoughts on Counterstrike Global Offensive in which he told us that "There is definitely potential for a competitive league in the future, but at the moment it just doesn't feel up to scratch as a competitive game."
What's your opinion on this subject?

Originally I thought it was going to be horrible, after all the videos I watched of it, but now after playing it and seeing the improvements, I think it's ready to go to be honest, you get rid of the Molotov's and you have yourself a good competitive game, maybe move the bombsite A on train back to its original spot, but other than that I don't have a problem with the game at all and I think it's right to go.

I will be going wherever the community goes, as I enjoy both games. Although I would have preferred it if we were all moving to 1.6, too bad that's dead now.

Well, Thank you for your interview Aaron, was a pleasure getting to know you better as well as your thoughts on the current Australia Esports scene.

For more information on both Speedkill as well as the Noxious organisation please follow the below social media outlets.

Noxious-Gaming Facebook
Noxious-Gaming Twitter
Noxious-Gaming Youtube

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Thanks for the interview
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Great read!
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Good read, well done.
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noice aaron
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Quote from forest on the 22nd of June 2012:
game space open ladders

gamespace, was such a good community, still talk to most of the admins from there.
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Thanks for the content
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Quote from Mayo on the 22nd of June 2012:
Thanks for the content

what she said yeah mayo son !
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Good read

Loving these interviews :")
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Hehe, should have another one up next week, this time with Jpegz.
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Interesting questions - good way
nice read keep it up
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Quote from forest on the 23rd of June 2012:
Hehe, should have another one up next week, this time with Jpegz.

Forest!??! first questions first, what are you going to do once you run out of people to interview?
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