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Post a link what you can craft along with the cost.

Don't bother posting anything below Exalted Grand.

Exalted Grand Phantom Bow Materials + 20k

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May hit you up for one of them bows, what's the rough cost of mats for it?
AU mauseum
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There's a link in my post for the materials.
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Just wondering wouldn't it be worth savings your materials and crafting when 1.0.3 comes out since they are reducing the BS cost?
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No point at all crafting now, You only have a chance to get something decent, you will have spent enough to buy exactly what you want off the AH

If people are going to post their items they can craft here, better bloody not see any 4 property shit or I'll be mad
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Exalted Grand Sovereign Vambraces - 6 Prop gloves, 110k Per Craft + Mats

AU FireStrike
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Grand fine bow of some sort
gives +5 magic properties
126k to craft 44 essence and 20 something tears
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AU memorylost
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4.1 years ago

6+ properties
Exquisite Essence 45
Iridescent Tear 5
Tome of Secrets 13
Cost 130K = 130,000

add memorylost#6679

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