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Hi guys,

Back at Feb StratLAN you may remember some chaps from Westminster University were filming varying aspects of the event & doing some interviews with various peeps (myself included). This was for a project to create a documentary on various aspects of gaming & it's culture, and it's now finished!

It's concept was to attempt to understand why there is a general negative feeling towards the industry, especially in the press, and try to show the industry as whole, as well as us humble gamers, in a better light.

They are really interested in what you guys think, as you are pretty much the topic of the film!

I personally think it's a really nice little film that captures the points they were tying to convey quite well.


Very good watch, well worth it.

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Watching now.
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just watched, i like but the narrator sounded boring
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the narrator did nothing to help the cause.
The info was fine but if anyone saw that they would still laugh and say lol get outside...everyone of them were as pasty as fuck lol
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yeah, hated the narrator, but I liked the overall film, some things could've been done better imo
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Quote from Kitto on the 2nd of June 2012:
.everyone of them were as pasty as **** lol
this, but you cant make a living off video games forever. 6/10
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Well done, nicely put together and overall a great take on bringing to the story to the fore front.

The one thing I'd like to comment on is that I think there was a little overstep with the whole gamers can make a living just playing video games...I don't know industry in such a great depth when it comes to games that I don't play but in Australia I'd imagine this to be an elite few, and even then I don't think the yearly wage would be significant.
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nice but narrator didnt help the stereotype
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was a good watch 9/10
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Quote from Mr.Clamp on the 2nd of June 2012:
you cant make a living off video games
its just like playing footy or soccer peopple no they arent going to make it to the big leaguess, but people play it for the same reasons people play sports.
its a hobyy
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good watch!

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