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Teams: Downfall vs Hybrid Gaming
Score: 17 - 13 (Downfall's way)
Date: 8:00pm Sunday the 6th of May 2012
Map: Bakaara
CyberGamer Competition: MW3 Draft Comp - View Match Details

DownfallHybrid Gaming
Fusion x
RS xZachnfLx
Roscoe x
Cyrax au
Im Snippy
Langzzy M8
x St3vil x

Ok, so our game was finally played after Bakaara was supposed to be played last week.

We thought it was gunna be tough with us hardly playing with each other all week, however we didn't really expect as tough a game as we had. We basically just continued to push A, winning some rounds, losing others with langzzy doin w0rk and Fusions probably getting his personal best K/D .

1st Half:

Hybrid pushed B a fair bit and took it fairly slow. We pulled away pretty quickly however bah's 1v2 got Hybrid going and they brought it back to put it into OT. Langzzy dropped 20 and Fusion bawsed on through the half getting a new personal best .

2nd Half:

First half OT they took the first round taking us clean down without droppin a man. Then the next 2 rounds Mega and I 2v4'd finishing up 2-1 our way.

1st OT:

We took the 2nd/ final OT 3-0 with me picking up a nice team kill on Fusion just to help out his K/D

2nd OT:

Was a very close game and i don't think the OT did all too much justice to the end score. GG and BOL to Hybird for next season.

Also Big shoutout to Disciple for da host
AU Paranoia vR
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4.3 years ago
gooe\d win guys
AU Blurgy
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4.3 years ago
Close game, hybrid keeping up

Good win downfall

Mindcore kents
AU Humpezz
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4.3 years ago
BL Hybrid, good win downfall
In timecryy we trust
AU Hxhne
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4.3 years ago
I thought hybrid would have had it!
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4.3 years ago
Good win Downfall.

Unlucky Hybrid
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4.3 years ago
We were on the verge of breaking up but after this game, we think we will stick it through.
Goodluck in future Hybrid!

Blurgy <3
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4.3 years ago
was an amazingly fun game, other then my cod 5 days was the most intense match i hav played, our team hadnt dun much on this map either, i cant even begin to imagine how intense a game it would hav been if both teams strated it like crazy gg downfall u guys r a good team, fusion the beast kid, BOL in future

<3 Langzzy ^.~

PS Disciples v with that amazing host, thx bud
Just your friendly neighbourhood Langzzy Mate
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4.3 years ago
For me, fighting above my weight playing in a drafts match but damn it felt good. Man my heart was pounding.
Intense game.

Thanks to Downfall for the game. You guys shouldn't break up cos we nee more good fellas to stick together.

Good luck with rest of season.

Hybrid boys, keep fighting and keep improving. Special Mention to Langzzy, played an awesome game.
Langzzy and Sheep both played very well and work so well together. Well done boys.
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thx steve u played an excellent game specially ur defences pushing in and taking construction the way u did wouldnt of been possible to hav scored so much if u didnt
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4.3 years ago
gw downfall
unlucky hybrid!
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4.3 years ago
Good Win Downfall!

Unlucky Hybrid!
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4.3 years ago
Good Win Downfall'

Looking gud
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4.3 years ago
Good win Downfall, unlucky Hybrid boys.

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