AU roGue~
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4.3 years ago
Lol'd @ this convo

roGue~: who are u?
Jabba: I am a player looking for a CG Team?
roGue~: ah ok how do u know about us
Jabba: Your player his name is Turnip?
Jabba: Or something along the lines.
roGue~: mm yeah hes my school friend
Jabba: Yah You got to BGS?..
roGue~: yeah same
roGue~: year 11
Jabba: Ah K.
Jabba: Year 9.
roGue~: nick turner's best friend?\
roGue~: cg account ?
Your state is set to Offline.
Jabba is now Offline.
Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
Connected again and rejoined chat.
Jabba is now Online.
Jabba: Anways are you guys recruiting at all...
roGue~: mm yeah
Jabba: Any Trials at all?
roGue~: yeah of course
Jabba: K... This weekend or this Friday?
roGue~: tomorrow will do
roGue~: also are u like a quickscoper?
Jabba: I am..

roGue~: cybergamer do not specialize in quickscoping bullshit lol
Jabba: I know that...
Jabba: I have been in zenoX, Euphoric and nC..
Jabba: ****ting...
roGue~: nice nice cybergamer account
roGue~: i might get u in?
roGue~: link mee
Jabba: Jabba.. I had to get a new one Cause... There was some incidents... I age issue and shit 16 and above... you know that stuff.
roGue~: yeah
roGue~: link me ur old one then
Jabba: New one
roGue~: what about old one
Jabba: And I rather not give you my old cause I deleted it cause I got alot of shit...
roGue~: fair enoughh
Jabba: They were complaints of me playing CG Scrims..
Jabba: Like be invited before scrim and shit
Jabba: So I kinda go banned of any team So new account..
roGue~: so ur not new to cybergamer at all?
Jabba: Nope I am a hude Cod 4 player and black ops player.
Jabba: I went To American For MLG ORlando and Dallas.
Jabba: America*

roGue~: so whats ur old cg name before?
Jabba: Night..
roGue~: ?
roGue~: is that it?
Jabba: Ya...
roGue~: nvm heard of that guy from zenox or whoever
Jabba: I have soo many names Cause I am kinda banned... So Yah I am stick to Jabba.
Jabba: Ya...
Jabba: That was me.
roGue~: i meant never heard of that guy from zenox or watever
Jabba: unfortantly I was kicked

Jabba: Btw you going into the SyF Thing for 500?
Jabba: nvm
Jabba: Sorry that's cod 4.
roGue~: dont play cod 4 lol
Jabba: Np.
roGue~: but i made a cod 4 clan though
roGue~: we dont compete yet
Jabba: Mk.
Jabba: So Trials This Friday?
roGue~: tomororw
Jabba: MK.
Jabba: Btw who's your core?
roGue~: noone whoever turns up play
Jabba: I see.
Jabba: BTW Did you get anyone from Fenetic Array cause 2 members dropped out/
Jabba: For Cod 4.
roGue~: are they eDGe?
roGue~: and the other guy?
Jabba: Ya,,,
Jabba: Eh I was kinda busy With Cod 4 pro League but I am taking a break.
Jabba: So I quit every other game Except MW3 And I asked you guys cause all the other guy know me I started new accounts.
Jabba: So they won't bitch and moan.
roGue~: seriously tell me ur pass allias (like other old cod names)
roGue~: i cant identify u . never heard of u before
Jabba: Dude I am just a ****...
roGue~: if u tell me ur pass allias, yeah i dont mind
roGue~: i know ur old cod names
roGue~: u told me one of them
roGue~: night..
roGue~: wat else
Jabba: Rather not Cause Probs gonna tell other and then I have to do this shit again... But yah I am sticking with Jabba atm.
roGue~: theres nothing wrong with it tell me
Jabba: Cause Like I deleted All my other 4 accounts Cause people hate me... So Yah. I am a rand. And I won't to be a rand.
roGue~: ok tell me one
roGue~: like one of the accounts that has been to many great clans

Jabba: Its all fake.
Jabba: I take peoples names.
Jabba: Like real peoples name the n**** for them..
Jabba: It's what I do..
roGue~: ok?
roGue~: what else
Jabba: Sigh... Seriosuly I have to go through All my names... and all the people I have ****ted for?
roGue~: not the people u have ****ted for
Jabba: Real names?
roGue~: i mean the names ur past allias is this hard at all lol
roGue~: like ur cybergamer name
Jabba: I have never had one...
Jabba: Ohoh.
Jabba: I right..
Jabba: CG names.
roGue~: yeah yeah
Jabba: BUllet.
roGue~: like bullet~ ???
roGue~: or exactly like that?
Jabba: Ya...
Jabba: No not that Bullet Bullet As in Bullet.
Jabba: Just That Bullet~ is terrible.
roGue~: so u dont have the cg profile for that?
Jabba: That was a long time ago.
roGue~: what else ?
Jabba: Dude Seriously I can't anymore than that It's ancient history I started geting Good last year...
Jabba: I am not ancient remember.
roGue~: i want to know ur legitimately in the clans u have told me
roGue~: number one i never heard of u
Jabba: That's the point I am restarting everything Mk Or Do I have to tell you everything...
roGue~: tell me like ur gaming history. it doesn't sound legitimate
Jabba: Mk.
Jabba: First game.
Jabba: Cod 4.
Jabba: Got good
Jabba: Joined teams.
Jabba: Not good ones.
Jabba: Black Ops.
Jabba: I started getting good.
Jabba: At that game.

Jabba: nC..
Jabba: Tesla
Jabba: Carange.
Jabba: MW3.
Jabba: nC, zenoX, Euphoric.
Jabba: Anything else you would like to know like names?
Jabba: I had a different name for everyclan.
Jabba: Cause I always got kicked.

roGue~: definitely as long u tell me ur cg names. all of them it would be great to hear
roGue~: list them.
Jabba: Cod 4, Triple X = Rand, Black Ops = My Name was Jabba for nC and Tesla Changed for Carange for Carange it was Prodigy.
Jabba: MW3, That's when I started using other peoples name for scrims and stuff?
Jabba: Following this so far?
roGue~: ok is that all
roGue~: what about the names like bullet and night
roGue~: when did that take in place?
Jabba: Scrim names.
roGue~: mm k?
Jabba: I am not actually Night I am a ****... Here I will show you youtube clip.
Jabba: That good?
Jabba: When in Carange Played Cod 4...
Jabba: Carange vs Phetz.
roGue~: Carnage: Nightfall, deviant, xerez, OMEN
phetz: DragNNNNN, moonunit, MADCRAB, kANNE, beavz
roGue~: they put those names
roGue~: so ur xerez?
Jabba: Nightfall.
roGue~: ur nightall ?

Jabba: Well no for that scrim though yes.
Jabba: So Everything Good Everything Checks out?:
roGue~: so ur nightfall ?
roGue~: just to make sure
Jabba: No... I pretened to be nightfall..
Jabba: That's a scrim name
Jabba: Okay real names
Jabba: Triple X and Jabba for Steam...
Jabba: Got it?
Jabba: I reckon you have a pretty good team.
Jabba: Seriosuly I though no one in BGS played PC.
Jabba: thought*
roGue~: lol theres one other guy
roGue~: from CONQUER and Team Immunity
Jabba: And K Well I gotta go now But see you at trials tomorrow.
Jabba: And Just to be clear you know all my previous names and stuff?
Jabba: Bullet was CG Triple X and Jabba was steam.
Jabba: Got it?
Jabba: Dude need an answer need to go
Jabba: Okay whatever nvm talk to you tomorrow.

lies of course. this guy is dodgy :/
AU OHdayhmm
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4.3 years ago
wuts BGS stand for?
AU Meddler
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4.3 years ago
You've already posted this chatlog in another thread. Although, looks like you edited it a little.
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AU roGue~
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4.3 years ago
Quote from OHdayhmm on the 5th of May 2012:
wuts BGS stand for?
brisbane grammar school. but i never heard of jabba before
AU OHdayhmm
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4.3 years ago
ah yer. im at BBC lol
AU Moo.
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4.3 years ago
Holy shiet that was a good read. Even though my eyes hurt, a bit, from him butchering the English language.

Lol @ him being spree and being in "carange". American Pro league MLG, yo!
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4.3 years ago
He makes me look bad as a 14 year old

nice way to keep him going haha!.
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Quote from roGue~ on the 5th of May 2012:
roGue~: if u tell me ur past allias, yeah i dont mind
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AU roGue~
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4.3 years ago
Quote from Allias on the 5th of May 2012:
Quote from roGue~ on the 5th of May 2012:
roGue~: if u tell me ur past allias, yeah i dont mind

LOLOLOLOL @ ur cg name and my typing error. yeah i was typing it quick.
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4.3 years ago
huuuuuugeeeee convo
AU Aceman.
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4.3 years ago
Jesus christ

AU Antonio
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4.3 years ago
tl;tr op is a faggot
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4.3 years ago
1v1 me @ train0 fgtz
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4.3 years ago
AU beeg~
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4.3 years ago

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