AU Xterminatz
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4.3 years ago
Hey guys I'm looking to play LoL competitively and was hoping someone in Sydney has a spot for Ranged AD. I'm currently level 20 but I'm trying to level as quick as possible when I'm not playing other games.

Was hoping to find a team that would possibly be leveling now or looking to take someone new in. I'm a great team player I've been playing games competitively since 1996.

Since I work full time I'm ready to dedicate Tuesday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday (Day) to the right team.

I have a headset/mic, internet connection is Bigpond Ultimate Cable so I get on average 150-160ms to the LoL servers without many issues.

I know how to use Vent / TS / Mumble etc so I'm free to talk on that if you want, give me a yell if this interests anyone... if there's no Sydney team then I'm willing to team up with other players across Australia.


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