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Check it out @

A Huge new QuakeLive update has been released and is free to play for all over the next week! There are 5 new team based game modes which are a lot of fun and a massive amount of upgrades, maps, changes and fixes.


New Gametypes
- Domination
- Attack & Defend
- Red Rover
- 1-Flag CTF
- Harvester

Start a Match 2.0
Start a Match has been rewritten from scratch to support over 200 configurable server options, including:
- Customizable Weapons: Disable spawning, adjust damage, reload times, railjumping, and more for every weapon.
- Customizable Physics: Air Control, Air Accel, Ramp Jumping, Ground Accel, Ground Friction, and more.
- Gametype modifiers: Quad Hog, Drop Damaged Health, Vampiric Damage, Regenative Health, Infinite Ammo, Weapon Switch Speed, Weapon Stay, Allow Self-Kills, Spawn Protection, and more.

The new interface also features the ability to import and export your favorite settings to share on websites, forums, and with friends.

Premium Arenas Added
- Camper Crossings (CTF/A&D/1-Flag/Harvester/Domination)
- Cliffside (FFA/Domination)
- Jumpwerkz (CTF/A&D/1-Flag/Harvester/Domination)
- Space Camp (FFA/CA)

PQL Updates
PQL is now ranked.
- Resolved an issue in player movement related code that would result in the game feeling "laggy" and cause weapon switching when callvoting to and from PQL.
- Walk Friction lowered from 8 to 7 to improve circle jumping.

As well as various amounts of Web Updates, Game Updates and Plugin Updates

Rest of the changelog can be found on
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ra3 maps still not free.
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sweet as, will try later.
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Sweet, new gametype's. Very interesting.
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Quote from s a b e r on the 1st of May 2012:
ra3 maps still not free.

In this patch they changed the amount of friends you can invite to a premium server when you have a pro subscription from 2 to 5, effectively making pro subscription cheaper as now you and 5 friends can share the $45 subscription and you and your friends can play on premium servers whenever you want. Basically no point of having premium subscriptions now because of that.
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mc fuck that
"theirs smart people and dumb ass" - iMonsteR
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it's a free week trial as well :p
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Good stuff Haymo!

Have a crack fellas! If you're new to QL and need help - pop into #4sg / #ausquake on and ask away.
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been fun so far!
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Quote from nimrod on the 3rd of May 2012:
been fun so far!
Just wait till it gets hard.
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Gotta love change

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