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Quote from Koil on the 26th of April 2012:
An additional prize of $200 will be given to the person who gets the highest amount of joint kills over the competition.

This is interdasting.
This is going to cause a lot of baiting! specially when no one cares about drafted team mates.
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sounds good
ur da best player on the computers m8 (c) mum
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To the library!
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If people try and cheat with kills they will be penalized, as we need screenshots (. At least 2) from every match
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Insta win pacman. hand him the money.

But i am actually very keen to get back into this game.
^Cant believe i just said that..
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4.3 years ago
I'll give $50 to the team that lets me 80 bomb and another $40 to my team of they don't defuse any bombs and just sit in spawn.
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4.3 years ago
If anyone knows me they will know I love running comps different ways and being quirky about it. You cannot for one second doubt that this comp is only a good thing. One thing I will say is its an atrocious was to run it. You're core idea is fantastic but the format and structure needs work. Giving away that kind of money in this format is really silly. I'd like to see it refined a bit more. Of course, if you want more input all you need to do ask. Unless of course you are happy the way it is.
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I agree with what tratty said pre' much.

Its a great idea to bring strength to the community and pump everyone up with the excitement about $$$, however I think you will find that even with teams of 6, people will go inactive and ruin the cup. Also having a top kills prize is just going to make players aim to bait their teammates and camp out rounds aiming for kills and not to help the team as they wont give a shit about their random team mates. Add to that the organisation nightmares when you have teams of 6 people who dont know eachother and are going to struggle to find times when they can all be on. Just some food for thought.

As i said, its great youre trying to do something like this but it just needs some changes to make it a bit more viable. Maybe the whole captains voted and they pick teams ( but then you will just pick friends anyways). You could even have a tounrey where you dont let top teams in if you want others to have a shot at winning something. Or just go with a normal tournament, but i just dont see your format working
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I think you should add an entry fee, you will double the prize money easy. That way you have actual teams entering not pug groups, you get a higher skill ceiling and standard of competition. The way you are doing now is just giving away money for.... nothing. Groups will disband after the comp and new players wouldn't of learnt anything.
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4.3 years ago
I'm not sure if I posted this before but, we are still
Figuring out a lot things, this post was to let people know there is a comp coming out soon and to see the communities interest.

We are currently building an admin team to help with these issues and help us with running of
The ladder. As the ladder doesn't start until
July we are seriously Considering a draft picking process, like in sport drafting.

If anyone wishes to raises there ideas or would like to be an admin for this comp, PM me your steam user name, our add me reta rdationn ( no space)
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4.3 years ago
I can help out if u need with upto 3 Mw3 Servers. Just need to CFG and Promod Settings provided. RCON and direct admin access can also be provided to ladder admins and any Refs.

Let me know if interested via either steam or PM.

Twitter - @TDTV_Cyanide
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4.3 years ago
I've had 5min brainstorm and thought of 2 ideas keeping in tune with your draft and community strengthening idea. I'll post them up soon.
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4.3 years ago
Ok 2 things you need to understand when running a community strengthening exercise.
1. The top players DO NOT grow the community. Having said that they do come into play (read on). They aren't going to add anything you don't already have. They're clearly dedicated to some degree already. It's the new and lower tiered players that increase the community. This is where you need to facilitate your top players. You use them as a tool to grow the competition.

2. A games strength is based off 2 main things. Competitiveness and popularity COD4 is one of the most competitive, popular titles. CSS is probably the most competitive. League Of Legends is very popular but not so much competitive. See the trend? All the big games have one of those factors.

So 2 ideas briefly thought of.

Elite Captain and Coach.

You choose 2 players from each top team (maybe top 12 to give you 12 teams). One should be the 'smarts' and one should be the 'skills'. The one with smarts becomes the coach and the one with skills becomes the captain.
From there these 12 teams then get given a lower tiered team and become there captain and coach. The captain plays, the coach doesn't. You have intervals at switches and the coach can give advice. The captain should be calling the shots during rounds.

This involves top teams and lower teams. It gives the lower teams a better understanding of the game and a chance to win some cash. Same for the coach and captain. They can lead a side to victory and win some dosh.

Top teams get duds :P

You choose the top 6 (or h/e many) and they field 3 players. The other 2 spots and filled by up and comers via a lottery draft. Best side gets last pick, lowest gets first etc etc. This again allows for new players to get a chance to play with better players and win some cash. It also forces your top teams to teach these guys (and adapt to them) while also trying to land some cash.

Both pretty simple and obviously need to be worked on but I do think both would work better than the way you have atm.
Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something
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There is two months to go over the details of what will happen and create the proper ruleset, I do agree that fewer teams with higher numbers would be the better option, as really, it still will have just as many players involved, just less no shows.

Id also like to see Best Rookie/MvP voted by admins type rewards over top frags, thats just me though.

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thank you mens

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