AU <Antje>
47 Posts
4.3 years ago
Hey guys i was thinking does anyone want to play some wow with em because im hell bored we can start new guys and level them up heaps. i have BoA's for a rouge and hunter so i might roll one of them and we can own in pvp. if u want to play add my xfire

AU boccA_
1,249 Posts
4.3 years ago
a friendless wow player.

living the stereotype like a boss
AU Aceman.
3,043 Posts
4.3 years ago
Quote from perkinzz on the 25th of April 2012:
a friendless wow player.

living the stereotype like a boss
Can be difficult to find someone who will play WoW with you, everyone likes to do their own thing.
AU <Antje>
47 Posts
4.3 years ago
anyone still wanna play please guys im bored as fuck
AU Shotbr0
481 Posts
4.3 years ago
can we hold hands?

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