AU Walsh
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4.1 years ago
$10,000 for one night... glhf.
AU rotax
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4.1 years ago
skynet incoming.
AU Curley
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4.1 years ago
Quote from l_w_88 on the 25th of April 2012:
Only curley could post this shit.
AU Cobraa
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4.1 years ago
Quote from Kitto on the 25th of April 2012:
what the right frame of mind...could put the d1ck in...or anywhere near a robot...over a living breathing chick....i mean would have to be desperate.
LOL that guy would probably get electrocuted
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AU Qwiskyy
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4.1 years ago
that shit is weird not even kidding
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AU scottty
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4.1 years ago
I can imagine the robot spasming and snapping your cock

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