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NZ yakisoba
6 Posts
4.4 years ago
I think i deserve a dota 2 key because i have been playing dota for over 5 years and Heroes of newerth ever since(Several teams that didn't last), but the competitive scene just isn't as good and dota is the game i wish to play and I believe gaining a key will allow me to enter a team and become a better player.
Basically i believe i should have one because i will play it so much and apreciate it more than anyone.
4.4 years ago
I think you should Give away it to me because i play Warcraft 3 and i would love to try out Dota 2. lots of my friends in steam has it and i want to play with them been trying to find the game but couldnt find it :L
So thanks for reading
steam: ambro_a

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AU Bluemagix
5 Posts
4.4 years ago
I think i really deserve this key because i am a very active gamer in many games, i play with my friends almost every day and really enjoy my time gaming with them. However all of them have swapped to dota 2 now because they all got keys except me, so now i am the odd one out left gaming on my own while my friends play together :/

I would really appreciate it so much if i got a key. Thankyou for taking the time to consider me either way

Steam ID: JaneMyTrueLove
AU Cassonberry
544 Posts
4.4 years ago
Because I have entered like 9 comps to win a DOTA2 key and won none of them

And because I'm like the only one here who isnt a complete kissass, selling sob stories and begging just to get it

< 3 you all : D

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