AU xerez~
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4.4 years ago
Looking for a CGm/I team for this upcoming season. Looking for a core spot but can sub aswell.

Can play anything, assult/smg/scope
May be abit late but ill see what i can get.

Prev teams: Elixir, Fragonauts, Carnage, SYF: Saevio

xfire: shimeh17
I don't wanna go to sleep because i know when i wake up, i'll be banned (c) Flay.
AU tayy_
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4.4 years ago
worthy of taking shits with at lan, BoL friend.
AU SebuLBa
7,600 Posts
4.4 years ago
shit @ lan, bad player online, dont even bother

nah hes ok i spose
teks: sebulba i would like to see die in a fire
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4.4 years ago
Top bloke, Good team player, Great editor, Frags like a boss, funny cunt@LAN, has a hot missus .
What more can you want?
AU b0bftw
4,531 Posts
4.4 years ago
Probably not worth cgi.
Gl mate.
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AU recka~
1,697 Posts
4.4 years ago
Probably worthy of cgi
all the best ;).
AU kyth
729 Posts
4.4 years ago
A great player bol
steam - apexzuuu

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