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Frenetic Array is very excited to be hosting a brand new competition in search for the next FrayCAST video intro that is going to be used for all FrayCAST related media.

Starting today and continuing until April 28th, FrayCast will be accepting Intro submissions. Each submission has to abide by the competition guidelines (see below) to be eligible. Once the submission period (closes 28th April) is over, the best 5 will then be chosen by the FrayCAST team will be sent to the polls, where the community will be given to the 5th of May decide the final verdict for the best and runner-up video intro. To which they will win some great prizes:

Winner - $150, and a Razer pack (Razer Mamba mouse, Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard and Goliathus Extended mouse mat)
Runner-up - $50, Mamba Mouse

The winner will then be announced on the 7th May

The FrayCAST team is looking for an intro that is unique, well edited and focused around the central theme of gaming. Editors are welcome and encouraged to use any Fray related videos already out and will also be able to access the logos of all our sponsors which can be downloaded here: Sponsor Pack

Video guidelines:

- 15-25 Seconds in length
- Must include everything in our included sponsor pack.
- Music included in your video must not breach copyright
- Can include any Fray related materials
- Must be formatted in 720p
- Preferably submitted as a video response to the annoucement video

Every entry must be uploaded to YouTube as a video response to our competition announcement video for judging, or alternatively send in the link to your video to fraycast(at) The announcement video can be found here: Annoucement Video

Good luck, we are eagerly awaiting your entries! If you like to ask any further questions about the competition or need any more info, feel free to contact us.

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Wish I knew how to do that kinda stuff. BOL to all that enter and good comp for all those editors
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Those prizes are amazing, Only if I was good at this stuff
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why can't i do this?
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Some good prizes up for grabs!
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4.4 years ago
Might give it a shot..
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Try Honneyz he's a Boss at intros
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Can I use Windows Movie Maker & Paint ?
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Could give this a go
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Quote from Stance on the 3rd of April 2012:

- Must be formatted in 720p

You might as well ask for 1080P in case you want to start doing videos with higher def in the future...
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Its just an intro doesn't matter if its 720 or 1080 lol.

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Bol to who ever enters!
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INteresting to see the submissions later bol to video editorrs
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It's funny because I have all that stuff
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I'l gibve it ago.
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