AU ~hollow
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4.2 years ago
Will be selling this logo to any clan or business that may want it, there is no set price at this stage.
This may be hard to see, however, if you are interested contact details are below to see more.

Design by Stemz
Digital reproduction by Sno

Add either one of us to xfire or PM us via cg

Xfire: vampstemz or tahrn
Profiles: Stemz Sno


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AU Stemz
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4.2 years ago
That's some pro drawing on my behalf
Queen of CG
AU badger~
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4.2 years ago
watermark is a bit to blatant. can hardly see the fox hounds.
"it is not the man that couldn't hoist, but the hoist that could not."
AU ~hollow
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4.2 years ago
That's the point... pm for further details.
AU .cam
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4.2 years ago
make me a logo for free andrew ^-^
AU Caitlin
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4.2 years ago
i agree its good!
AU Volturo
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4.2 years ago
That could easily get stolen if your selling it its recommened don't put it up :#
AU ~hollow
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4.2 years ago
AU NeDKelly.Ai
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4.1 years ago
really good drawing ive seen worst go for $10
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