AU Muzza255
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4.1 years ago
There's a FIFA competition happening in Melbourne on Saturday the 14th of April. The event itself is at the MidCity Internet and Gaming Cafe located at 276 Russell Street, Melbourne.

First prize - $500
Second prize - Gamecom headset valued at over $100
Third prize - Gametraders voucher

There's only 32 spots available for the competition so if you want to play make sure you register here as soon as possible!

Look forward to seeing you there

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AU -s[M]urf-
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4.1 years ago
How do i Register exactly?
AU Muzza255
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4.1 years ago
Just make an account on the site, leave your name in the forum linked above and pay the entry fee. You don't have to pay until the day if you choose not to, however, your spot isn't saved unless you've paid so if 32 people sign up before you, you won't be able to play.

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