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Interview with Vox Eminor!

Heya CG, tonight Interactive Productions talks with the guys from Vox Eminor in a special 'in game' edition interview. A little different from the usual interviews, tonight we will only be talking specifically about match related topics as we take an in depth look into some of the things that make one of CG's best teams, exactly that.

I hope everyone enjoys the read. As always, feedback is more than welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Before I get started with the in game questions. I'd like to ask about preparation for a game. How do you guys usually prepare for an upcoming match? How do you balance scrimming and strating? Do you find you need to spend a lot more time on one or the other?

Only recently we ventured into the maps to have a brief look at some of the set ups that were the most useful so that we could perform consistently throughout FFYI. We scrim more than we strat and if we perform poorly on a certain map, a minority of the team (scriblz and falcs) generally go over the map and find issues and attempt to resolve them in simple ways.

When it comes to your strats, to go into a game confident, how much variation do you need to be prepared with to be able to adjust to your opponent easily? Can you give us a round about figure of how many different attack runs you would usually prepare with when coming into a game?

Depending on how well we have gone over the map, I'd probably say we would never have over 3 different attacking plays. Generally we just have slight alternatives routes and paths for players to compliment the opponents play style and our team-mates

Ok, So team john doe have you down 11-12 you need the next round to stay in the game but its a 1v4 clutch situation against you guys and this time you won't be able to just defuse the bomb in front of anyones face without them seeing you somehow :P. What kinds of things start to go through your head?

Personally not being anywhere near the strongest member of the team, I try to remove the negative thoughts of failing and costing the match. However it is important to make sure you are 100% focused on the rest of the existing information around the map for example, bomb down, where your last team mate died, where the last red dots were shown, where common bomb defending spots are and more importantly which kind of holes in the opponents current defense can be penetrated for cheap kills.

Do different things go though your head for say, a 1v2 situation as opposed to a 1v4? or is it relatively similar?

It is easier to play a 1v2 for sure, they are always possible to clutch and puts your opponents in probably a more nerve racking position because they also don't want to be the person who will control the outcome of the game, due to them doing something stupid, or they are left to 1v1 you for the match or draw.

Sounds good. What about players skill. How heavily do you guys simply rely on your shots during games? Would you say it is better to have top notch smarts or top notch shots?

Having a good shot is always going to be an important factor in any game-type, yet having an incredible ability to outsmart and out-direct your opponent will give your team easier kills and communications which may be a vital aspect throughout the game or even just an individual round.

So your saying its more effective to outsmart someone and shoot them from behind than it is to risk outshouting them?

Definitely, if the opportunity is there in some way shape or form to assist you in luring the enemy out into you or getting behind them, it will be a whole lot safer than to jump shot contesting someone in a head shot spot for example.

Shots and smarts are individual skills. What about team work. What kind of things do you do to work together to execute particular strategies or just to get something done?

Generally in-game, after playing consistently with our core, we can work together quite easily. More or less getting kills through baiting or defensive smoking for a team-mate so they can get away from where they are pinned down becomes second nature to us and little direction is needed after the initial call for assistance is made

what are some of the best ways to bait someone? do you just mean distracting them while someone else comes along, or is there more to it than that?

It can be just as simple as that, although there are some much more creative ways to bait your opponent by using things like using map terrain to make specific sounds, fake smokes and deliberately shooting and coming up on the map are just some basic attempts that can be branched off. Baiting is obviously quite dangerous some players die for the cause so having good survivability (staying in cover, head shot spots) is very important when being the 'baiter'.

How clear does your communication need to be in the game? Is there ever much silence between your players during a round, or even when you are dead?

For search and destroy our communication is less intense and more specific, once 2v3 or similar like clutches are in progress we try to keep to communications to a minimal so that we can be aware of any opponents making sound in our vicinity and easy calculate where they might be.

How about the leadership side of things, do you play with a strict chain of command in game, or is it more open?

We have some small rotations mid round in case of rushes or slow pushes to a particular bombsite which are becoming a threat. However all members participate to a minimal with myself and scriblz call the majority of the larger changes or identify things that are not really working in our favor

what do you find the advantages of this are?

Very easy to reinforce and defend against an all out 5 man bombsite rush or being able to tell another member that they need to find an alternate spot or approach to our opponents play style which doesn't result in us getting owned

Are there any tips or pointers you can think of that may help a few players or teams?

Communication is a vital aspect to any teams victory and positive thinking is beyond important to team morale and individual confidence. Players who contest every shot need to learn when the appropriate times to attempt to be a hero are depending on the situation

As a team, what do you feel your biggest strengths and weakness's are?

We can have some really flawless team chemistry after being together with the same core for just over a year now we have adapted to each other play style and abilities. Our weakness's would include temper and attitude which can result in some inconsistencies in our game play

Does it help you in game to be aware of this?

Sometimes talking about weaknesses in game will not always result in any kind of improvement, however if it's essential that it must be addressed during the game, then it will be brought up preferably at half time or some sort of short break than it is better than during game play.

Are there any shout-outs you would like to make?

Yeah just like to give shout outs to all the Vox members and our managers (Boomser and Talnoy) that have supported us whichever direction we decided to take.
Also huge thanks to our sponsors
Kontrol Freeks
CM Storm

On behalf of Interactive Productions, I thank you for sparing your time to do this interview with us and I wish you the best of luck in your future.

Taylor 'Mauseum' Mills ( c )

James 'Macka' Mckenzie

Corey 'Corel Nicole' (Unleash) Nicol

Orlando 'Scriblz' Rodriguez

Daniel 'Eyebrows' (falcoon) Miraldo

Zig 'Ziggy' ZiggyN

There you have it guys, The word from VoxE who were a pleasure to work with, I hope you all enjoyed the read and picked up a few tips along the way.

Please remember to support us and help us grow by visiting our Facebook Page and hitting the like button!

Interactive Productions,
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Great Interview Guys Keep it up!!!

1rd also.
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whos the people in the photo left to right ?
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Quote from Rossy Yo on the 25th of March 2012:
whos the people in the photo left to right ?
Scriblz, Unleash, Boomser, Mauseum, Macka
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Quote from Impulse on the 25th of March 2012:
Quote from Rossy Yo on the 25th of March 2012:
whos the people in the photo left to right ?
Scriblz, Unleash, Boomser, Mauseum, Macka
whos boomser he seems pretty tank
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who better than the worst Twitch, LoL has ever seen.
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Quote from Rossy Yo on the 25th of March 2012:
Quote from Impulse on the 25th of March 2012:
Quote from Rossy Yo on the 25th of March 2012:
whos the people in the photo left to right ?
Scriblz, Unleash, Boomser, Mauseum, Macka
whos boomser he seems pretty tank
VoxE org manager i think.
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ziggys real name is actually piglet.
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Awesome interview Interactive Productions!

Vox Eminor <3
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was a really good read picked some stuff up aswell
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Great read, well done guys!
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Good stuff boys, really good read!

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