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The Online Qualifier teams for the Nvidia Gear Up For Battle Tournament have been finalised, and can be found under the "Teams" area here. The teams have been seeded, and following seeding, broken in to pools of 6 (with, as it turns out, one pool of 7). The 37 teams will play a round robin format qualifying set up.

Who will qualify?

The qualifying teams will be decided as follows:

Top team from each pool will automatically go through to the LAN finals in Melbourne at the IBISQ LAN Centre. The remaining two berths will be finalised through the completion of a 6 team berth qualification knockout final. The 6 second placed teams in each pool will be seeded based on the standard ruleset criteria (Win/Loss ratio, followed by For/Against difference, etc.), and then play single map knockout matches for 3rd seed vs. 6th seed, and 4th seed vs. 5th seed. Then Best of 3 map berth playoff matches will be played for the winner of 3v6 to play the 1st seed, and for the winner of 4v5 to play the 2nd seed - the winners of those two matches will qualify for the LAN Finals, and as such will go on to win at least $500!!!

The Pools

The pools and matches can be found on the Nvidia Gear Up For Battle! Website here.

The Schedule

The schedule of matches, servers, dates to be played, and times they will be played at can be found here.

All teams will need to arrive promptly, and are to post results to the appropriate admin or community result thread (which will be advised in due course).
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NOTE: Sunday March 25th matches have been postponed, the new schedule is as stated.

I am pleased to advise the addition of one extra admin to the team - we welcome ViroL back to the admin stage. He will be assisting with game management on the nights of matches, and also at the LAN event.
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3.9 years ago
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B1g virol

no mp_season for us muso umad?
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Virol my main man!
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nice nice

Hopefully will be able to play the easter day match
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Quote from CROATIAN on the 25th of March 2012:
nice nice

Hopefully will be able to play the easter day match

There's a catch up day for this exact reason dude. So don't panic, just give us notice.
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Looking forward to it
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Quote from motion on the 25th of March 2012:
Looking forward to it
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guess we won't be having any friendly scrims against x5 for awhile

Keen as for this to get underway.
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Looking forward to it! <3
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k33n to super sub
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3.9 years ago
keen to get this started
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very well organised keeeeeen
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Looking good

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