NZ Eqza
15 Posts
4.3 years ago
Hey any1 else get a dota2 key over the last few days? I have heard of heaps of people for SEA region got a bunch of keys.
AU beyondd
1,472 Posts
4.3 years ago
I got mine last Friday Night.
161 Posts
4.3 years ago
Well, looking forward to more teams entering the ladder.
AU Dimensionz
515 Posts
4.3 years ago
Yeah I got a key last night.
AU amazedd
233 Posts
4.3 years ago

Thanks for making me check, haha. dota2 here i comeeZZZzzzzz
AU FateZero
56 Posts
4.3 years ago
Yeah, massive wave of SEA and Oceanic players coming in, most of my friends got the keys yesterday! remember to check your email guys.
Hi guys :)
AU Slubb
841 Posts
4.3 years ago
Is this just with the random sign up we did forever ago?
AU Xapphire
71 Posts
4.3 years ago
Got Mine, Already want to give it away love the heroes hate the look and feel of it though its been too long
AU Slubb
841 Posts
4.3 years ago
Yeah when compared to HoN it does feel very clunky. But keep in mind it's just a beta. I can tell you right now if dota didn't feel as clunky and wasn't as prone to horrible lag spikes then I'd have made the switch straight up.
AU je.
1,668 Posts
4.3 years ago
Got a key this morning.
victori. W??DY: kinda depressing i have to settle for a hand this weekend now
AU s a b e r
4,146 Posts
4.3 years ago
anybody got spare keys ?
AU reZ-
1,985 Posts
4.3 years ago
Nice at this thread, cant even remember signing up for the beta but I got a key in my email this morning!
[19:36] AVANT.PALIT extacy: getting payed loving cod and slaying bitches
AU kinkz
2,493 Posts
4.3 years ago
Yeah got one cheers for the thread <3
NZ Namine`
42 Posts
4.3 years ago
Got mine >.< already have 2 dota 2 accounts tho (LOL) and i dont even like the game. zzz
AU ectospazm
570 Posts
4.3 years ago
wtb one

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