AU nys
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3.5 years ago
Quote from Heart Active on the 9th of March 2012:
Play Style: Rusher
Should Make a forum sig with play style on it.
Xfire: nysone || Steam: gislersui
AU penzke
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3.5 years ago
hahahah Luis

reLOADED: Do you guys each have specific classes in b.o? 74u, 47, etc. Because if so, I'll put it on your sig.
Snow-B: Not really, but you could maybe put their playstyle. For example, aggressive, etc.
reLOADED: That's fucking retarded.
snipples iam gna say this straight your a complete fucken uber dick head who deserves to die (c) Spitroast
3.5 years ago
Quote from Frowny FTW on the 12th of March 2012:
BOL lad would pick u up for xbox?

you buy me a Xbox360 then yes Josh ill play ha ha ha ha
3.5 years ago

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