AU Shadohhz
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4.5 years ago
Hey guys this will be my last LFC for a while so I am hoping to get some responses/offers out of this.
As the title says I am looking for a league team, preferably CGa but will join Draft team or top CGo.


Gamertag: Shadohhz
Age: 22

Previous Teams: teK, FusioN, vanQuility

Guns: Assault Rifles, but use a subby.

Role / Style: Can do whatever really, but normally bomb carry on these last couple of cods and am an AR

Availability: Am online everyday

Experience: Been playing competitive since cod 5, been in a grand final, made CGi with vG, CGm with NXS champs.

Only looking for established teams and I am willing to go to Melb LAN, also others if the team I get in is wanting to go.

What I can bring

Map knowledge

Here are a couple of screenies from recent times..
Two are from both halves of a scrim and one is a PUG. (Owned Shieldzs)

1st half:

2nd Half:


Please PM me for offers,

4.5 years ago
good player cga or cgm
Flareez is Forever LFC
AU Bear..
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4.5 years ago
lol pug screenie =P
but good player, deff worthy of cga! cgm with the right team! would hold his own
AU The Nugget
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4.5 years ago
you change monitors?
AU Shadohhz
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4.5 years ago
Yeah I did lol. Cant get the picture right lol.
I will trial tomorrow night to all tha PMd me

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