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While we have access to this demo (finally) I thought it might be nice to share some useful tips about what you can do in L4D2... I'll be deleting any post that I consider useless

  • L4D2 for Aussie Kids
  • If you own the uncut version of the game and want to experience first hand what the unfortunate majority of the Australian gamers will experience on L4D2:

    - From your STEAM games browser right-click Left 4 Dead 2 Demo > Properties
    - Click the "Set Launch Options" button
    - type -lv and click OK (-lv = low violence)
    - Start the game and cringe as you see disappearing corpses instead of blood, guts and glory.

  • Jukebox Fun - Submitted by Aussie
  • On the first level, just after you go over the busses, the building on the corner has a jukebox inside. Walk up to it and press your USE key (default 'e') and watch the records change

  • Flying common infected? - Submitted by Vekta
  • Use the Boomer Vile bomb on a tank and watch common fly everywhere!

  • If you are lucky enough to get it working (and I haven't yet) there is a famous, well famous to Valve gamers, song available on the Jukebox on level 1: Still Alive - from the game Portal

  • Custom Jukebox Music? - Submitted by Shadz
  • 1) Get a wav file
    2) Backup the .wav file you wish to change in jukebox folder
    3) Rename the wav file you wish to use as something currently in the original jukebox folder
    4) Place it in the jukebox folder
    5) Enjoy.
    File destination: left4deaddemo/left 4 dead 2/sound/music/flu/jukebox

Please note that the following requires that sv_cheats be set to 1. All of the commands must be entered via the console.

  • Grenade Launcher
  • give weapon_grenade_launcher - This is currently not skinned properly so u can play with it, but you'll see the word error for the grenades and gun.

  • Laser Sight
  • upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT

  • Explosive Ammo
  • upgrade_add explosive_ammo

  • Incendiary Ammo
  • upgrade_add INCENDIARY AMMO

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Enabling gore in the censored Aussie versions of the L4D2 demo is as easy as editing 1 character in 2 text files:

Change the app id 590 to 510 in these two files:

Save them and run the left4dead2.exe executable directly (not through steam icon/games list). This should be located in a directory like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2 demo, just like the first file above.

Your status will say that you're playing "Left 4 Dead Dedicated Server", but the L4D2 Demo will start and you'll be able to play with gore enabled (no more disappearing zombies, more blood, decapitations/dismemberment, splatter on the screen, etc.!)

You will also still be able to start lobbies, invite friends and join games in progress on servers.

Thanks to Santos for mentioning this to me so that I could try it out - it works well!

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1. Start Single Player or a Local Server
2. Type "sv_cheats 1" into console
3. Look at a team mate and type "jockey" into console
4. ????
5. Profit
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Play as infected:

just download this

then extract to your steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2 demo\left4dead2

map c5m1_waterfront (or park)
sv_cheats 1
sb_all_bot_team 1

z_spawn hunter OR smoker OR spitter OR tank OR charger OR boomer OR jockey

At the moment, hunter damage pounces do not register. The new hunter is basically the same, but movement seems a little like playing on an xbox :S but it's still pretty much the same, kai jumping (however you spell that) is the same.

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On the jukebox, if you get the song 're_your_brains' (It starts with hello Bob its Tom from down the hall). When you get to the part where it says 'your all going to die SCREAMING' a horde triggers.
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So Archie, will this work on the retail Aus version? (censored), Just want confirmation so I can go buy a hard copy, and finally play!
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Yes it does work on the Aussie Retail version! Thanks ArchAngel-au!!
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That's awesome how you can enable the gore tho multiplayer does not work as there are no servers. [sm-bawl]
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Quote from Granny on the 30th of March 2010:
That's awesome how you can enable the gore tho multiplayer does not work as there are no servers. [sm-bawl]

enable console


search for custom servers.
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Ah very nice cheers bud!
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Quote from Granny on the 22nd of April 2010:
Ah very nice cheers bud!

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hey guys,
i did what archangel-au said, but it says:

Server is enforcing consistency for this file:

is there a way to fix this inconsistency?
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Quote from ArchAngel-au on the 30th of October 2009:
The L4D2 Demo will start and you'll be able to play with gore enabled

This worked for the demo only, on regular servers.

In the actual game changing the file to 510 means you can't play with other players, as far as I know.

There are some players who do this anyway, and play with other players doing the same. Alternately you can just get a second account (generally Valve won't delete the L4D2 currently on your account so you can buy another one) and get a US/UK/NZ copy of L4D2 gifted to you.
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5.6 years ago
So aside from the appID crack which seems to not work anymore for multiplayer, is there any other way to play the game uncensored after you've already downloaded it? :S

Sorry for necroing the thread but the bodies disappearing is a joke.

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