AU parrellz0r
125 Posts
4.2 years ago
Sup, I'm Daniel

Looking for a non-casual competitive team to become a core player within.

No current BF3 competitive experience but was a member of Team Perplexity in BC2, joining after they won Season 1 of CGo. From there I managed to work my way into the core team and eventually became a squad rush captain before the team leaders left and the clan slowly fell apart in Season 2.

BF3 Stats:
Things I need to work on: Overall accuracy, headshot kill percentage and map route knowledge.

Kit Preference: AK-74M assault or 74u engineer. (use stock guns only really with no attachments) I use whatever the default for RU/US is each map.

Playstyle: Supportive by nature and a strong flanker. Extremely aware and with an eye for detail mechanically and statistic wise within the game (eg bullet damage, time to kill, grenade radius).

PM on CG
Steam: parrellz0r
Add me on battlelog
Has vent, ts, mumble and skype
AU Syrim
2,582 Posts
4.2 years ago
I seem to remember this guy
AU Walshy.
3,710 Posts
4.2 years ago
bol mate
NZ SchwartzE
526 Posts
4.2 years ago
Bol, sent you a PM
AU K Bee
443 Posts
4.2 years ago
332 Posts
4.2 years ago
BoL bro
AU lambr
810 Posts
4.2 years ago
Hey bud,

floral are looking for another core player for the 4v4 and 8v8 formats.

Will add you.
Twitter : @j_lambr ...I tweet a lot of CSGO rants. You were warned.
AU darkaeiou
1,009 Posts
4.2 years ago
this guy is a great gamer and a top bloke

also a high level support player in HoN


may you own on the battlefields and in dota2 my friend

#bestinaus #vanguard4life #30degreeangle
AU parrellz0r
125 Posts
4.2 years ago
Hey Syrim I think I remember seeing you topping the other team all the time in BC2. Was always fun to race you for MVP lol.
NZ Krypton~
433 Posts
4.2 years ago
I remember this fella from BC2, BOL!
AU ouTlier
3 Posts
4.2 years ago
great team player, and very aware on the battlefield

gl and Bol mate

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