AU Powerhouse
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4.6 years ago
Really good work admins.

Cant wait to get stuck into Leagues.
AU Tragiks
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4.6 years ago
Great Read...

Good work admins!!

Keep it up...
AU Mutatiionz x
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4.6 years ago
nice, looks good
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AU iiNFeRNo xo
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4.6 years ago
Great work admins,
Looks good
AU Krayzbaby
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4.6 years ago
can't wait for leagues
NZ Taal0n
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4.6 years ago
Makes me want to pick the controller back up haha.
Good job admins, i believe you have made all the right decisions and it looks good
AU Adohh
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4.6 years ago
Actually love this draft idea
AU Kovak
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4.6 years ago
pretty keen, hope i can find a league team :l
AU vizzN
XBOXONE Platform Admin
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4.6 years ago
Wow the Draft Comp was an awesome idea!

A lot people were saying how removing CGd would be a step back, but this is definitely a step forward..

Really excited to see this come around and cover as much as we can on behalf of Gamestah.

Good Job Admins + Twilife for the massive thread!
AU Cuffzy
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4.6 years ago
Looks like fun, but i dont entirly understand the draft league, i spose itl get explained to me by the rest of my clan.

Thanks admin team
AU Majezticz
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4.6 years ago
nice work admins looks great
AU Twilife
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4.6 years ago
Will try to make some kind of video that explains it best. You can pretty much throw away the third image and just look at it as double elimination. Once you lose twice (or any team loses twice) they're into the Supplementary bracket.

Will try a vid h eh.
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AU Stoned CROW
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4.6 years ago
you guys are clearly on top of your shit, really good work guys and girls. draft league is a great idea, I feel it meets the idea that was supposed to be CGd alot better in that it is more to 'train and prepare teams'

Also, it wasn't mentioned but I remember at my last admin meeting there was discussion about the issue of prize distribution, with the system in place about the set amount of matches needing to be played to be eligible and all that. I would just like to re-raise the idea I suggested that we use my simple formula.

so say 'X' = amount of prize money available to a team. 'Y' = the amount of games played by a team over the season and 'Z' = the amount of games played by the player in question.

then if you go X divided by Y = 'A',
'A' divided by 5 (5 being the amount of players in each team) = 'B'
then BxZ= M, M being the amount of Money owed to said player in question. it is a completely fair value system that allows players exactly what they are entitled to regardless of how many or few matches they play.

also given that we do not know the effort put into scrims/preparation backstage, then maybe just have this system as back up to the captains discretion, by this I mean in the case of a player is NOT satisfied with the captains decision. he/she is at least entitled to the product of my formula.

mind you I assume it would work out similar to the captains discression anyway, due to the fact that if a certain player has worked alot more than other players back stage, then they are most likely gonna be playing said game, resulting in them getting the money they deserve through my formula.

it just seems the fairest and simplest way.
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NZ bacabeast
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4.6 years ago
can you please hurry up and ban the type from snd? its going to make that competition stupid.
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4.6 years ago
Quote from xBacabec on the 23rd of January 2012:
can you please hurry up and ban the type from snd? its going to make that competition stupid.
have a look at the thread title, then look at your post, then look at other titles similar to your post, then post in their (not that your post is repetitive at all)

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