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Background information;
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THIRD Episode!

We're Back!

The third episode will be on Thursday the 19th of January @ 8:30pm GMT +11 (Melb/Syd/Tas Time)

MAIN Topic
Dota 2 and a redux on Battlefield 3's Back to Karkand!!

General Topics
Competitions (SC2, Dota 2, Barcraft!)
Aussies overseas (N9 @ Brawl and The Defense!)
Upcoming SGL/ACL Lans and reporting on Aussies at WCG Korea 2011.

And more!

GodZ from Natural 9 and a to be announced Battlefielder.

Give aways
$40 MWave Vouchers and Tt eSPORTS products (Australian and New Zealand residents only).

Stream: TteSPORTS

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Sounds great! I'll tune in // //
AU Mayo
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Show on tonight in ~60 minutes!

Tune in for some epic Drama, DARKN3SS will be talking about his team splitting from CARNAGE in BF3 and GoDz talking about people glitching in DoTA 2 competitions. We will also be talking about updates with each game.
AU Mayo
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If you missed the show and would like to watch it again, the VoD is up here:

As always we appreciate as much feedback as we can get, it's the best way to improve.
We will also be uploading the VoD to Triumphs YouTube if you prefer to watch it there, I'll link when its done.

The next show will be on in 2 weeks time, the final topic is not yet 100% confirmed.

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