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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is happening again for four days (from January 10th to January 13th), in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada – where it has been for more than ten years. Vendors attending the biggest tech show in the United States will show off their new products & services that are to be launched in 2012 – CES is also notorious for companies to present their concept products for the world to see where they are heading in the future. Basically, it's where vendors strut their stuff for the whole world to see, and this year will be a very special year because it's confirmed that it will be Microsoft's last.

A few years ago, the global financial crisis caused a big attendance drop, as more people were spending less to attend, but sales in general. It has been steadily increasing over the past years, and it is said that 2012 will draw in nearly 150,000 attendees. It is definitely on my list as one of the events I want to attend before I turn 30 (but more on that on another blog post). As an enthusiast, I am definitely excited about the coming few days, with loads of news appearing on the Internet about slimmer and bigger TVs, faster and slimmer notebooks, new tablets, new cameras, and the list goes on.

Here are five things I am excited to see announced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show;

1. The Fuji X100 successor

Images were originally leaked about two months ago, showing a certain interchangeable lens camera (ILC), and was codenamed the "Fuji LX". The LX was rumoured to have a new "APS-C organic sensor" and would perform better than the current full frame/35mm cameras. Enthusiast photographers have been very excited to see if Fujifilm can follow up the success and hype of the X100 and X10 retro cameras by providing an interchangeable lens design with better performance and the ability to change lens. Two days ago, a review of the camera was leaked from a French magazine, confirming reports of the camera and also a trio of prime lens – the camera is officially named the Fujifilm X-Pro 1.

I want this camera because it would be the perfect weapon of choice of the street photographer. The X100 was named the "poor man's Leica" which I agreed, it definitely took a stab at Leica's market share, but was flawed with a slow autofocus and a fiddly menu system. The X-Pro 1 will definitely be a strong contender for the prospective photographer.

Image via SlashGear

2. New Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are here to stay, as Intel tries to recover from the "CULV" push two years ago which the market was not interested. Intel announced that they would pump $300 Million to push the Ultrabook segment and during the 2012 CES, we will see the fruits of Intel's gamble. Ultrabooks have already been released into the worldwide market, rushed to compete with Apple's "non-Ultrabook" Macbook Air and the fast-growing tablet market. Many forecasted that the Ivy Bridge-powered Ultrabooks will be the first real Ultrabooks. We will see new designs from several key players, and possibly new ones, with new touchscreen enabled Ultrabooks, thinner and sexier, more performance and battery life. I personally hope to see a company release a prototype of an Ultrabook with a foldable multitouch screen, similar to ASUS' EeePC T101MT which was powered by an Intel Atom processor. Now that will be a tablet killer!

Image via ASUS

Wanna know the other three? Visit my blog and let me know your thoughts. Like what you read? Let me know, so I can eat your gratitude for more typing fuel.
may be biased towards good products - Check out my Blog
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Another entry, this time not as controversial
may be biased towards good products - Check out my Blog
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How bout you tell us about this.

Kanawanu michi ni nao hitori tachi
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Quote from Archer* on the 10th of January 2012:
How bout you tell us about this.

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A project that's been going on for a while, I don't think I can say much about that.

First ROG sound card, after making a few pretty good ones for gaming...

Worked with a few pro-gamers from several regions, I asked a few of the x5.cod guys when we were playing cod5/4 about what we want from headphones, (Vulcan ANCs) and sound cards. Ska helped out a bit as well.
may be biased towards good products - Check out my Blog

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