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CyberGamer PS3 are proud to present the long awaited... Modern Warfare 3 5v5 S&D Leagues Season 1!
Many teams and players alike will fight against each other over a 12 week period of Round Robin and Finals. We are extremely excited about this opportunity for Leagues and hope you guys are as excited, you can only expect more to come in the near future.

This is a well and long detailed thread explaining different sections of this league and regulations towards it. Although we have some information in concrete, not everything is certain. Specifically selections / payments and other small details may be subject to change until confirmed.

Make sure you read and take in every small detail carefully, below you will find all relevant information for the upcoming PS3: Modern Warfare 3 Leagues!

Registering Your Team

A registration thread will be posted at the beginning of Season 1 MW3 S&D Finals, the registration thread will be announced and will be edited within this thread.

If you are interested in joining the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 S&D Leagues and you have an organised eligible team, make sure you register your team and it's members in this Registration Thread when the time comes!

(Registration thread will be posted at the start of CGo Finals)

In regards to Admin team selections, criteria and other aspects must be met from these teams:

Performance throughout the open season (CGo S1)
Performance throughout recent finals
Performance throughout past PS3 Competitions
Ability to pay entry fee

The above aspects are a generalisation towards admin selections, this doesn't mean if your team has not recently competed in finals or other competitions that you won't be selected for a spot in the S&D Leagues. Put more simply, if the Admin Team can judge your team through these aspects to be suitable for a League placing - and better than other teams who have applied - the team will be given an appropriate placing.

Participating Teams

This will be the layout for the participating teams within the Modern Warfare 3 S&D Leagues
(Set-up is subject to change)

CG ProCG Amateur

The leagues will contain 2 divisional pools which have 8 teams within. CyberGamer Pro (CGp) which is the top 8 seeded teams and CyberGamer Amateur (CGa) which is the bottom 8 seeded teams.

As team selections aren't official, this set-up is subject to change and will be updated when selection decisions have been confirmed.

Entry Fees/Payments

CG ProCG Amateur
$30 per person$20 per person

Payment Period: 7:00pm 8th March - 20th March 11:00pm AEDST

It is highly encouraged that these league payments for your team or players are made as soon as possible prior to the payment period. The sooner the better, otherwise league commencement will be slowed down.

Payment portals will be set LIVE when the payment period begins, the payment portals will be found on the League page and below your respective league. You will also be notified of this when the time comes.

Teams are required to have at least 6 members as a minimum paid for by the end of the payment period. If this set number of 6 is not met within the team, then they will be removed from the competition and replaced by a more willing team. The team members that have paid will be refunded in full. The entire removed team will face bans at the furthest extent.

When a team has been removed because they have failed to pay, it is most likely that a team from a lower league will move up; they will need to pay the remaining fee if so (CGa to CGp). This will inevitably cause the league the replacement team leaves to be 1 team short. A replacement for this removed team will then be sought from a lower league or the CGo ladder.

If a team has 6 members sufficiently paid for and other members are unpaid by the end of the payment period, those members who haven't paid will be removed from the competition.

Slight exemptions may apply, if a team member cannot pay by the conclusion of the payment period, a leading administrator may expand a time frame or come to an agreement within his/her own discretion within reason.

Team members who have joined within recruitment week, must also be able to be paid for within that time frame to, otherwise will be removed from the league.

If you have any queries or need help in regards to payments, feel free to contact Blain


Refunds will only apply to certain or special situations and will not be given in most circumstances. If you have played a match for your team and then wish to quit and be refunded; you will not be refunded and will be facing being banned for the rest of the season. You may however leave your team during the recruiting period, however will also not be refunded then.

Refunds will ONLY be given up until the end of Round 1 providing you did not play your round 1 match. Any requests for refunds after Round 1 has concluded will be denied unless there are impeding special circumstances from the leading administrators. This also applies for Recruitment week, no refunds will be given.

League Format

The format of League-play will of course be Round robin. Teams in their respective leagues will battle each other out through 7 matches. Once Pool-play is complete Double elimination finals will commence.

Teams: CGp and CGa. Both leagues which consist of 8 teams per league.
Team Sizes: Teams are required to have at least 6 members as a minimum and 9 as a maximum.
Game-mode: 5v5 Search and Destroy
Map set-up 1 Map Round robin matches through pool-play. (Refer to: Finals for finals set-up)
Scoring: Match will consist of 24 rounds // 12 Round Halves.

Exemplar Round Image

The selected map on the image is only an example, it is not official

League Scoring

League places and ranks are earned from 'Match Wins' and 'Match Losses'. If a tied ranking occurs the team which has the higher 'Rounds Won:Rounds Lost' ratio will be deemed as higher ranked (round wins / round lost). The ratio number will be visible on the Leagues page.
At the end of Round Robin play the CoD Admins will announce the teams who have successfully made finals and provide the relative information regarding the ending ratios for teams that are tied.

Overtime Scoring

If a match proceeds into an overtime (Refer to: Rules), these scores won't be counted to an extent. If the match's overtime ends up with a total score of 17-13, revert it back to 13-11.


This rule-set which will be used for both leagues: CGp and CGa. There will be no difference between the two leagues when it comes to the rule-set, however it may slightly differ in regards to the CGo Rule-set.

This rule-set is subject to change if need be and will be continued to be reviewed until the Modern Warfare 3 Leagues are LIVE.

The official Rule-set which will be used for all League matches; both CGp and CGa. Can be found Here


Team Preparation Period: 8th March - 14th March
Payment Period: 8th March - 20th March

Modern Warfare 3 Leagues Commence

Round 1: 21st March - 28th March
Round 2: 28th March - 4th April

Easter Break
4th April - 11th April

Round 3: 11th April - 18th April
Round 4: 18th April - 25th April

Recruitment Week
12:01am 25th April - 7:00pm 1st May

Round 5: 25th April - 2nd May
Round 6: 2nd May - 9th May
Round 7: 9th May - 16th May

League Finals Commence

Finals Round 1: 16th May - 23rd May
Finals Round 2: 23rd May - 30th May
Finals Round 3: 30th May - 6th June
Grand Finals: 6th June - 13th June

Modern Warfare 3 Leagues Conclude

Scheduled times are based of the appropriate server time of Cybergamer (Found at the bottom of the page)


During the Modern Warfare 3 S&D Leagues challenges will be sent out weekly by members of the CoD Administration team. Two Teams within their respective leagues will be placed together in a challenge and will battle it out! One team will choose to offer times, whilst the other opposing team will choose times to select.
More or less, it's basically CGo however the admin team will set the matches up through a set challenge schedule.

Challenges will be issued every Wednesday, however times may vary on when they are set up. This will allow all competing teams to organize a time from Wednesday to the following Tuesday night. All challenges within both leagues must be completed before the start of the next round.

When captains decide to send times, they must be mindful of their own members and choose appropriate times which themselves and the opposing team can make. Be respectful and give a large variety of times if applicable.
Admins will constantly check challenges to ensure that everything is running fine.

If teams fail to be respectful in regards to times and negotiating of a scheduled date for their challenge, consequences may occur. These consequences can range from bans to an extent or possible termination of competing in future leagues. Being organized is the key, if a team feels that they may find themselves with a problem in regards to times and dates, feel free to contact an administrator directly or create a support ticket.

Recruitment Week

Recruitment Week
12:01am 25th April - 7:00pm 1st May

Recruitment week will be a new addition to PS3 competitions and will be introduced for this League. Recruitment week is a scheduled week within the league where players who aren't currently competing may join a team or current competing players may choose to leave their team.

A player that signs up to CGp or CGa at the beginning of the season will be unable to change teams within the respective leagues. They may only play the entire season within their original team, or choose to leave their team within the scheduled recruitment week. If a player leaves a team and is liable for that specific team not being able to field enough players for matches, or a domino effect occurs (more players leave) you will be liable for it and bans may occur as a consequence.

Captains of teams are only allowed to recruit players who are not currently playing within the two leagues. The players which are eligible to join must be either competing in CGo or not competing at all. Teams cannot pick up players who are already competing within the league, no swaps!
Captains of teams cannot kick or remove players in their team without significant required evidence and accepted by the administrative team.

Players recruited during recruitment week will need to pay the full entry fee for their respective league. e.g $30 for CG Pro and $20 for CG Amateur. Players recruited during recruitment week are also only able to play in Rounds 5, 6, 7 and finals.

Refunds will not be given during recruitment week at all. If a player decides to leave their current team during recruitment week, then they will not receive a refund.

Time extensions for Recruitment week is not applicable in any way, once the lock is placed there is no going back!

Finals Period

The format of the Finals Period will be worked around the idea of a double elimination finals series between the top 4 teams of their respective leagues. (CGp - top 4 // CGa - top 4)
Teams will be ranked from 1st to 4th within their leagues and will vs each other in a set challenge through these ranks.

Maps will be organized through the CoD Administrative team just like round robin pool-play, however finals Rounds 1, 2 and 3 will consist of 3 maps per challenge. With leaving the Grand Final consisting of 5 maps.
These maps will be released at a later date during finals series.

Exemplar Finals Double-Elimination Image


The following cash-prizes are made up of entry-fee contributions and CyberGamer contributions. These prize totals are subject to change and cannot be 100% accurate until recruitment week is complete. These are well-educated approximations, and can generally be expected to rise by the end of the season.

CG ProCG Amateur
1st: $1400
2nd: $700
3rd: $300
1st: $700
2nd: $350
3rd: $150

Cybergamer Pro: Payment Portal
Cybergamer Amateur: Payment Portal

Media and Staff

Each week the media team will be doing their very best for content in regards to match coverage. The review team will be in full swing and will be constantly producing match highlights and team reviews every week. Whilst also having the Youtube team which is currently being renewed; they will also be doing their very best by bringing you video content.

The shout-casting team; captained by Milan himself! Will also be bringing you live shout-casts and videos in discretion to their availability. Having new members to the shout-casting team who are waiting for some light, things are definitely going to heat up!

So stay tuned into this Modern Warfare 3 League.. this won't be disappointing!

Terms and Conditions: Leagues

  • Your team will accept all Cybergamer forum, match, game and league rules.
  • Your team will complete the entire League and not leave or non-compete.
  • Your team will play every match and every round of every match which is being played.
  • Your team name and team logo will not change throughout the league.
  • Your team will act mature and sensible within the leagues, this includes scheduling a time and date within challenges.
  • Your team understands that for a player to be eligible to receive cash or prizes, they must compete in at least 4 matches, whether they be round-robin or finals matches. Prize-money can be given to players who do less than 4 matches, but only under the permission of the captain
  • Your team will play all matches which your team is playing with 5 players, no less or more than. This is not CGo and you may not play with 4 players as this is a forfeit.
  • Your team must not kick players during the competition, the only time where players may be kicked is during recruitment week and sufficient proof must be given.
  • Your team must understand that there will be a nominated captain within your team, that captain will take responsibility for organizing the team and managing cash prizes if applicable.
  • Your team understands that the CoD Admin team reserves the right to make decisions at their discretion.

Banning - Other Conditions

These conditions will apply during season. Due to this being PS3's first league, we will not stand for teams leaving or playing un-professional within matches or during the season.

  • If a player leaves on purpose or abides there team when competing in a match or challenge and forcing their team to play with less players, bans will be in place.
  • If a player disbands a team mid-season, or leaves purposely through recruitment week and makes their team disband. They will receive heavy bans warranting the actions.

A high level of maturity and respect is expected towards these conditions and when playing with the leagues.
There are only a few basic points and not everything may be pointed out, however rules and common sense apply to any situation and the CoD Admin team at there own discretion may choose for a fit consequence depending on a situation.

Additional Information

More information for the Modern Warfare 3 leagues are still on the way! Some aspects are still yet for approval and at the moment we can't give accurate information on them until they are confirmed. We will assure you all that we will keep the community up to date when the time comes.

Team logo's and banners will need to be updated as soon as possible as they will be locked when leagues go LIVE. If you think you have a shot at being in these upcoming leagues, you will need to be organized and this is something of which you will need to have ready. Team logo's will need to be suitable and appropriate, more information about images and logo's will be finalized and messaged to you if you receive a spot within these leagues basically just a heads up!

If you think you have your team logo sorted and you feel its finalized, feel free to message Blain. Make sure the image file is in a readable format (.PSD/.PNG) and has no background (transparent).
Team logos & names will not be changed during the season.

In regards to match disputes. If a match dispute occurs, administrators will discuss and review the situation of the challenge as a team. Please be patient when coming to a dispute and give clear information just like in CGo. Leave it to the captains of the teams!

The staff team will be doing their very best in regards to moderating and monitoring the Modern Warfare 3 Leagues. Some Referee's will be available during this league season and a more updated thread in regards to the available Referee's will be posted when the times comes. So don't worry, that 'request a referee' button, will be in full working order ;).

Payment management will be run through the head administrators and Blain, if their is any problems or you need help. Feel free to contact them directly!

Also a big thanks to the Cybergamer XBOX staff team in regards to assisting with relevant information towards their leagues and set-up! As well as our new graphics team producing fantastic content.

Feel free to comment on anything we may have missed or something which is un-clear. As always, feel free to create a support ticket Here if need be.

Many Thanks!

COD Admin Team
Benjos89 // Blain // Blaze182 // Chrizzle // Devour. // Dylan // ml219 // Rohizle // Skitch // wild // Zenji

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Big step for CGPS3.

Now accepting bribes.

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In B4 "GG Admins" + "I knew it all along"

Hey, that's what I was going to say.

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