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Hello new & current CG Gears players

This thread has been constructed by Arvo and Myself, so if you have any questions regarding the thread or anything else, don't be ashamed to inbox us, or any of the Admins ([URL='day!]Midnite[/URL] or Roguey)

This thread has been provided to the new members of the gears community and has some useful info for our current members.

I'll separate the major sections up into spoilers to de-clutter it all up.

I'm new and have no team/clan

Okay, so I have a Team/Few Mates, what now?



Last little note from me

Use this thread to introduce yourself too, if you're new!

But if this thread covers one of your problems, just reply on this thread, don't create a new one.

Metapod & Arvo out!
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Good job with the write up fellas! What if people don't know how to promote with captains and stuff? Would of been a good idea to put that in imo.
SPOILER: Click to view
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Quote from Predatah! on the 31st of December 2011:

I lold.

But nonetheless great work Metapod & Arvo.
You in the midst of greatness.
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good work Metapod and Arvo X
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