AU Spencii
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4.8 years ago
Modern Warfare 2 SnD 5v5 Ladder

First Half :
was very one sided by Featured Gaming taking first half 12 - 0
Featured Gaming had 3 team members going double digits but coming out on top for MVP was ;

Featured Gaming Munttz : Kills 17 Deaths 5

MVP Curious Cows - Mwkc : Kills 7 Deaths 12

Second Half :

A very quick first round of the second half as Curious Cows got a unfortunate double team kill nade.

Then Curious Cows decided not to play out the rounds.

MVP Featured Gaming : Muntzii Kills 2 Deaths 0

Final Score :
Featured Gaming - 13

Curious Cows - 0

P.S sorry for the crap write up its my first time doing it and sorry i didnt get screen shot because i didnt know i was going to do a write up

Cheers Muntzii
AU shard
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4.8 years ago
Solid effort lol.
AU Dallas #1
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4.8 years ago
Good job. <3
CG #1 Total War Player /// Zadnar R.I.P /// iironiq : If I had cancer all I would do is play COD
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4.8 years ago
fT 2G
AU Bully..
1,596 Posts
4.8 years ago
awesome work guys also people head over to for your chance to win a copy of MW3
AU `Rage
PS Tournament Admin
4,201 Posts
4.8 years ago
good job
NZ Macka!
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4.8 years ago
15-4 /w FAL yeeah buddy! - League of Legends Boosting & Coaching - Request gosumacka!
AU fearzyyy
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4.8 years ago
get a screenshot of the unfortunate double nade hahaha
gaaaan large
AU BcauseiGotHigh
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4.8 years ago
gg FG.

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