AU Falco
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4.6 years ago
Basically its a team of irl mates ive had since highschool. were all 18+ and mature. Looking for a decent player to go competitive with. We don't have a name as of yet, but we are all dedicated players that want to make this team last and go far (which won't be hard with an already good foundation of chemistry)

- Falcom8
- On3dr3am
- Macktastic
- Archammer

What we are looking for;
- Someone who can get along with us as mates, has a decent knowledge of competitive hon and is willing to learn, keen to play support/ganker in competitive hon & active most nights. 1600mmr+

Preferably contact me on either CG or Steam.
HoN- Falcom8
Steam- sickladd1
Skype- Aus10.woods
or PM on CyberGamer

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AU You`reMine
46 Posts
4.6 years ago
Definately keen, will add in-game and such.
NZ Dazz
504 Posts
4.6 years ago

Add steam hibre.

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